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Agrifence Tapelock Insulators 2 Pack

These insulators are ideal for corners and tape run ends. They have a conductive rubber pad, an anti-slip mechanism and are non-abrasive to tape. These insulators also work as tape tensioners.

Agrifence Rope Connector Clamp 2 Pack

Stainless Steel Clamps for joining or connecting polywire and wires.

Agrifence Tape Gate Set

Set comprises 1 x horse gate handle, 1 x Stoplock insulator, 1 x Tapelock insulator and Megatape 40mm x 6m to enable the creation of an access point between 2 timber posts in any electric fence.

Agrifence Energiser to Fence Lead 20mm

Energiser to fence lead for wire or max 20mm tape. High quality non-corrosive aluminium plate for maximum conductivity and zero voltage loss. Used to take power direct from the Energiser to the fence via a circuit breaker.

Agrifence Line to Line Connector 40mm

For a perfect connection between two lines of rope or wire. Lead length 60cm

Agrifence Battery Earth Stake 30cm

Agrifence Earth Stake is extremely tough and is made from hardened steel. It features a clamp for quick and easy installation and removal.

Agrifence Speedio Drill Attachment

Adaptor for battery drill to enable quick and easy fitting of all screw in insulators.

Agrifence 9V Dry Battery 90Ah

A non-rechargeable air-alkaline dry battery for use with 9v energisers.

Agrifence Econ Rope Tensioner

A versatile rotary tensioner which can be retro-fi tted at any point along a fence line and wound to take up slack. Suitable for use with ropes, polywires, stranded steel and aluminium wires.

Agrifence Wet Battery Leads 2 Pack

Use to enable a 9 V energiser to run off a 12 V battery. The spring clip ends fit easily and securely to the pillar type battery terminals for maximum connectivity.

Agrifence Circuit Breaker Pro 3 Way Fence Switch

Professional Circuit breaker with 4 operating positions

Agrifence Easy Leadout Cable 1.6mm Core x 25m

1.6mm core, double insulated cable with galvanised steel conductor. Ideal for normal fence installations.