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Agrihealth Heatlamp I/Red Bulb 250w Red

Ruby Infrared bulb. Hard glass with screw fitting.

Electric Fence Post White 53" (long)

Poly post 53" sold as singles

Agrihealth Heatlamp Infared 300mm Std TA212

Standard heat lamp assembly. Complete with fitting reflector support chain and wire. No bulb.

Agrihealth Electric Fence Post White 35" (Short)

Fenceman Poly Post 35" White. Sold individually.

Agrihealth Poultry Chick Drinker Old Chicks 12L

Poultry Drinker for 2nd Age Chicks 12L

Agrihealth Poultry Feeder 8Kg

Poultry Feeder 8Kg

Agrihealth Poultry Eco Drinker W/legs 10L

Poultry Drinker Eco W/Legs 10L

Agrihealth Poultry Feeder 4Kg

Agrihealth Poultry Feeder 4Kg - image shows style, colour may vary.

Agrihealth Poultry Sleeve Drinker 1.5L

Poultry Drinker Sleeve Type 1.5l

Horsemanship Red Rope 4.2M

Ideal for horsemanship. Sturdy workmanship. Equipped with a strong, brass-coloured, rotating panic hook.

Fenceman M100 Mains Energiser

Compact mains fencer suitable for horse paddocks and small holdings. Small economical, 1.2J pulse energy – suitable for up to 12km fence with vegetation. Three year guarantee.

Agrihealth Poultry Feeder 2Kg

Poultry Feeder 2Kg