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Baileys Fibre Plus Nuggets 20kg

A DELICIOUSLY TEMPTING FORAGE ALTERNATIVE. TARGETED AT: Horses stabled for long periods who need a variety of fibre sources. Those who enjoy a “boredom ball”, into which these fit nicely! The dentally-challenged who struggle to eat long fibre. As an alternative fibre source when pasture and/or forage are in short supply.

Baileys No 14 Lo-Cal Balancer 20kg

ESSENTIAL LO-CALORIE NUTRITION. Horses and ponies, at rest or in light work, requiring a low-calorie diet. Good-doers on restricted grazing (and soaked forage) requiring a healthy balanced diet. The laminitis-prone who need essential nutrients without calories.

Baileys No 21 Ease & Excel

SOPHISTICATED LOW STARCH BLEND WITH FIBRE & OIL. TARGETED AT: Equines prone to gastric ulcers. Horses with increased calorie requirements known to need a low starch diet. Stressy, excitable horses needing calories for condition and performance. Those needing tailored dietary support for healthy muscle function.

Baileys No 4 Top Line Conditioning Cubes 20kg

UNRIVALLED FOR OUTSTANDING CONDITION. TARGETED AT: Underweight equines requiring weight gain and condition. Working and competition horses needing controlled energy. Young or weak horses needing to build top line. Dentally-challenged older horses and ponies.

Baileys Tasty Treats 5kg

IRRESISTIBLE, HEALTHY, HIGH FIBRE TREATS. TARGETED AT: Any horse or pony who deserves a tasty treat! Those needing a handy reward during training. Ideal for "carrot" stretches etc.

Baileys No 19 Performance Balancer 20kg

HIGH SPECIFICATION BALANCER FOR WORKING HORSES AND PONIES. TARGETED AT: Good-doers in work who hold weight easily. Equines prone to gastric ulcers needing a calorie-controlled diet. Horses requiring superior top line and healthy muscle function. Stressy, excitable horses who need nutrients for health and performance.

Baileys Everyday High Fibre Cubes 20kg

YEAR-ROUND HIGH FIBRE NUTRITION. TARGETED AT: Horses and ponies in light work. Those with low energy requirements needing to maintain condition. Owners looking for straight forward essential nutrition at a sensible price.

Baileys Garlic Supplement 1kg

ONE OF THE STRONGEST-SMELLING GARLIC SUPPLEMENTS AROUND!. TARGETED AT: Persistent fussy feeders. Those being fed supplements or medication which needs disguising. All horses and ponies who might like the taste and smell of garlic!

Baileys Natural Meadow Cobs 20kg

Harvested from perennial meadows, growing in the foothills of the Bavarian Pre-Alps, in southern Germany, Natural Meadow Cobs contain an appetising blend of up to 60 different species of naturally-occurring meadow grasses, wildflowers and herbs, and are high in fibre, yet low in sugars, starch and calories as the plants have been left to mature before cutting. They are then coarsely chopped and high-temperature dried - in a facility powered by renewable biomass-fuelled electricity - and pressed into chunky cobs.

Baileys Outshine 20kg

HIGH OIL SUPPLEMENT FOR CONDITION, COAT & STAMINA. TARGETED AT: Horses needing outstanding coat shine. Those needing additional slow release calories, for weight gain or performance, in a small volume. Horses requiring improved stamina. Equines on a low starch diet requiring additional "non-cereal" calories.

Baileys No 1 Cooked Cereal Meal 20kg

THE ORIGINAL NON-HEATING CONDITIONING MEAL. Underweight equines with poor dentition. Fussy horses with moderate energy requirements. Convalescent or “post op” horses needing concentrated calories.

Baileys No 17 Top Line Conditioning Mix 20kg

OAT-FREE MIX FOR WEIGHT GAIN AND CONDITION. TARGETED AT: Underweight equines requiring weight gain and condition. Working and competition horses needing non-heating energy. Young or weak horses needing to build top line. Working horses who prefer a mix to a cube