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Battles Black Disinfectant 1L

The traditional carbolic black disinfectant, ideal for large areas such as yards, stables and kennels

Battles Black Disinfectant 4.5L

The traditional carbolic black disinfectant, ideal for large areas such as yards, stables and kennels

Battles Cider Vinegar With Garlic 1L

Will maintain inner health, promote effective food utilisation as well as offering the numerous beneficial properties of natural garlic.

Battles Easyverm 250g

Effective management of intestinal health in poultry. Controls intestinal health naturally. Contains nine important herbs including wormwood and garlic, together with iron to protect against anaemia and Echinacea which is good for the immune system.

Battles Multicare Cut Heal Aerosol

Cut Heal Multi+Care Aerosol Wound Spray offers great support to the natural healing process of cuts, grazes, burns and rashes, through its effective triple action formula.

Battles Poultry Antibacterial Powder 20g

An effective antibacterial preparation for application to minor wounds and scratches on poultry.

Battles Poultry Drink 500ml

Contains a selection of 5 minerals in a high energy sugar syrup base. To support all round condition and health in Poultry. Easy to use just add directly to the drinking water or daily ration. Ideal for birds that are looking a bit off colour. Containing iron phosphorus potassium manganese and copper this product is particularly of benefit to birds recovering from a red mite infestation

Battles Poultry House Disinfectant & Cleaner Spray 1L

Ready to use powerful protection for poultry. Smells fresh too!

Battles Poultry Louse Powder 750g

It contains Permethrin which is effective against mites and lice and can be applied to bedding and housing for quick results. This product is not intended for use directly on the animal.

Battles Poultry Scaly Leg Formula 250ml

For use against the scaly leg mite of poultry. Effective, long lasting and water resistant.

Battles Poultry Spice 1.5kg

Battles Poultry Spice, a mineral supplement to keep birds healthy.

Battles Poultry Spice 450g

A mineral supplement to keep your chickens in tip top condition. You might give this to your chicken if it is moulting or to help it maintain a good appetite in winter.