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Bow Wow

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Bow Wow Pudding Stick Beef (per piece)

This extremely tasty beef snack is made from carefully selected ingedients to create a snack that all dogs love!

Bow Wow Pudding Stick Bacon (per piece)

Snack for dogs – Complementary food for dogs

Bow Wow Pudding Stick Chicken (per piece)

The Bow Wow Pudding Stick Chicken is a great tasting treat for your dog it is made from selected ingredients that are extremely tasty and flavoursome while having a chewy texture that your dog will love to get his teeth into

Bow Wow Pudding Stick Caramel (per piece)

Delicious treat sticks for dogs of all sizes, Bow Wow Pudding Sticks are made with high quality ingredients for a snack they’ll love.

Bow Wow Monster Crunch (per piece)

A super sized meaty treat for dogs, the Bow Wow Monster Crunch is made with tasty Chicken and is rich in Collagen, promoting healthy joints and fur.

Bow Wow Super Sausage (per piece)

These dog treats are made from high-quality ingredients that provide a mouthwatering meaty flavour that will surely motivate them to eat. These sausage sticks will help them maintain good teeth and gums.

Bow Wow Monster Munch (per piece)

Bow Wow Dog Snacks have to be the most tastiest snacks known to dogs. Our Monster Munch Dog Treats are a giant sized salami flavour tasty treat for all dogs. These extra-long snacks can be broken into pieces for training exercises or fed whole to provide our dog with a yummy treat. Suitable for all breeds of dogs over 6 months old.

Bow Wow Goose Liver Sausage (per piece)

Bow Wow - Goose Liver Sausage. Complementary food for dogs.

Bow Wow Natural Stick Chicken (per piece)

Ideal for feeding as a daily treat or reward, the Bow Wow Natural Chicken Sticks are great for promoting beneficial chewing, helping to clean teeth and remove plaque and tartar.

Bow Wow Natural Stick Tripe (per piece)

Delicious, natural treat sticks ideal for all dogs, the Bow Wow Natural Tripe Sticks are free from added preservatives and colourings, made with high quality ingredients such as real meat, dried offal, functional ingredients and more.