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Cameo Equine

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Cameo Equine Grass Reins Black

The Cameo anti-grazing grass Reins are adjustable to give the ideal fit whatever the pony’s conformation. They also include a poll strap.

Cameo Equine Newmarket Attachment Black

Cameo Newmarket Attachment

Cameo Equine Comfort Bridle

The comfort bridle is made with super soft ready to ride quality naturally tanned leather. The bridle comes with a cut back headpiece that is designed to ease poll pressure, improving performance. It also comes with a neat detachable flash.
From £54.95

Cameo Equine Freedom Grackle Bridle

The Freedom Grackle bridle combines beauty and style to create the perfect Grackle bridle. The Freedom headpiece is designed to alleviate pressure from the nerve sensitive poll area and also through a cut away around the base of the sensitive ears. The headpiece is further enhanced by the throat lash sitting free to relieve pressure under the jaw and keep the bridle in a more natural position. The bridle also benefits from soft sheepskin padding on the nose.
From £99.95