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Wet Cat Food

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Felix As Good as it Looks Pouch Pack Mixed Selection 40x100g

FELIX As Good As It Looks is a range of delicious meals which look and smell so meaty, it looks like food you might have cooked yourself. Specially prepared with tender meaty pieces in a succulent jelly, we are sure your cat will find it irresistible every meal time. Delicious flavours including beef, chicken, salmon, tuna.

Felix As Good as it Looks Pouch Pack Ocean Feasts 40x100g

The perfect variety pack for fish-loving felines! Our delicious FELIX As Good As It Looks Ocean Feasts in Jelly include the mouth-watering tastes and textures of cod, plaice, salmon and tuna. A great way to provide your cat with a varied diet, our 100% complete and balanced nutrition will provide your cat with all he needs to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. We use high quality, natural ingredients in our delicious recipes with a combination of tastes and textures we're sure he'll love!

Gourmet Perle Pouch Box Chefs Collection 60x85g

Gourmet Perle offers an elegant range of delicate recipes to tickle your senses with an irresistable taste experience every day. Available in a variety of flavours: In Gravy Chef Selection - Turkey, Tuna, Duck, Lamb Connoisseurs Collection - Beef, Chicken, Rabbit, Salmon Ocean Delicacies - Ocean Fish & Whole Shrimps, Plaice & Whole Sh

Felix As Good As It Looks Pouch Box Doubly Delicious Meat 40X100g

Our FELIX As Good As It Looks Doubly Delicious Meaty Selection in Jelly cat food is made with two different types of tender meat or fish, served in a mouth-watering jelly. We're sure you adult cat will love the variety of flavours available, especially as they're stored in individual pouches to retain their enticing aromas and tempting textures. Providing your cat with all they need to live a happy life as an adult cat, our FELIX As Good As It Looks Doubly Delicious Meaty Selection in Jelly is packed with essential vitamins and minerals to keep your cat supported.

Gourmet Perle Pouch Box Ocean Collection 60x85g

Gourmet Perle Adult Mini Fillets Cat Pouches is a complete wet food made with high quality ingredients for adult cats. This multipack of 60 pouches contains a selection of flavours including tuna with shrimp, ocean fish and tuna, plaice with shrimp, salmon and white fish to keep your cat's appetite varied and nutritious.

Felix As Good As It Looks Senior Pack Mixed Selection 40x100g

With the choice of beef, salmon, chicken or tuna, your senior cat is sure to enjoy mealtime even more! Our delicious FELIX As Good As It Looks Senior Cat Mixed Selection in Jelly provides essential support to your senior cat, keeping his healthy and active in his senior years, PURINA vets and nutritionists have specially formulated FELIX As Good As It Looks Senior Cat Mixed Selection in Jelly to include essential nutrients your cat needs, and our recipes are a great way to meet the dietary requirements of your cat, whilst providing his with lots of delicious flavours he will love.

Natures Menu Cat - Adult Multipack Especially Cans 48x85g

Our 48 can multipack cat food means you can mix things up a bit. The pack includes chicken with turkey, beef and chicken and chicken with salmon and tuna. Each packed with high quality, simple, natural ingredients.
£31.88 £37.50

Natures Variety Cat - Original Pate Multipack 12x70g

This selection pack of Nature's Variety Original Pâté contains 12 complete and balanced pouches of our high quality, nutritious wet cat food. Four different recipes to choose from will give your cat the tasty variety they need: Original Chicken x 3, Original Chicken with Goose x 3, Original Beef & Chicken x 3, Original Turkey x 3. Our recipes are made with premium natural ingredients, with a high quantity of quality meat from our suppliers, gently steam cooked in the single-serve pouch to lock-in all the goodness your cat needs.
£9.56 £11.25

Natures Menu Cat - Adult Multipack Especially Cans 12x85g

Our multipack Natures Menu Especially for Cats includes chicken with turkey, beef and chicken and chicken with salmon and tuna. Each canned cat food gives your cat everything they need to thrive and each recipe is gently cooked to ensure all the Natures Menu goodness is locked in.
£8.92 £10.50

Canagan Cat - Pouch Adult Multipack 8x85g

FOR ADULT CATS Canagan is a complete and balanced grain-free food with fresh meat, fish and chelated minerals; making a wholesome, tasty and nutritious meal for cats. Naturally, our ingredients are delivered fresh each day and cooked with love for our special friends. Contains green lipped mussels that are rich in Glucosamine for natural joint care and Free of artificial colourings, preservatives and flavourings. 8 x 85g pouches

Felix Pouch Pack Jelly Fish Selection 40x100g

The ultimate selection of cat food for fish-loving felines! FELIX Adult Cat Fish Selection in Jelly provides your adult cat with a fish feast they can enjoy whilst receiving 100% of their daily needs through the high quality nutrition we include. Our vets and nutritionists have specially formulated each recipe to include an assortment of vitamins and minerals that take care of your cat during his adult years. Our recipes include saithe with sardine, salmon with trout, shrimp with plaice and tuna with cod so your cat can try an assortment of flavours and benefit from a varied diet every day.

Felix Pouch Pack Jelly Mixed Selection 40x100g

FELIX cat food pouches are full of tender, chunky goodness that cats just can't resist. And now, with our Mixed Selection multipack, they'll be able to enjoy high quality variety at every meal! Each of the four recipes in this exciting Mixed Selection are served in a savoury jelly that's completely irresistible. Recipes include Beef, Chicken, Tuna, and Salmon, so your mischievous kitty can enjoy both tender meat and succulent fish as the mood takes them. Each of our meals is 100% complete and balanced for adult cats, providing them with everything they need for their health - including vitamins E and D, omega 6 fatty acids, and a mineral blend. Delicious!