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Chewdles Dog - Chicken Gravy Bones 10kg

Chicken Gravy Bones are traditionally baked basted dog biscuits suitable for feeding to any breed of dog as a complementary food. Chicken Gravy Bones make a delicious treat fro your dog as a snack or reward for good behaviour.

Chewdles Dog - Charcoal Enriched Bones 10kg

Chewdles (Pointer) Charcoal Bones Dog Biscuits 10kg These Charcoal enriched bones are great for your dogs digestion. Made from freshly milled wheat, baked to perfection and free from artificial flavours and colours. Enriched with charcoal to aid digestion, calcium and essential vitamins to help maintain your dog's health and keep them fit and active. Chewdles charcoal baked biscuits are crunchy, providing your dog with essential gnawing exercise necessary to help clean teeth, remove food deposits and keep gums healthy.