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Coronavirus Update - Important


We are pleased to announce that the shop is staying open to customers throughout lockdown.

SHOP OPENING HOURS: Monday - Saturday 8:30am to 5:30pm; Sunday 9:00am to 1:00pm.

We have been busy ensuring that the shop is safe during the Covid-19 crisis:

  • All our tills now have Perspex safety screens.
  • There are floor markings to help you keep 2-metres from others.
  • Please use the sanitiser spray provided for trolley/basket handles.
  • We are limiting the number of people in the shop at one time; please queue at the entrance.
  • Please shop 1 adult at a time. Children are welcome if they are not able to stay at home.
  • Please pay by Card/Apple pay wherever possible.
  • Only touch products you intend to purchase.


Please follow this procedure carefully when collecting your order:

Please collect your order from our car park during your designated time slot at the end of this email (please note that Click & Collect is only available from Monday to Saturday). Please have your order number ready.

Please follow this procedure carefully when collecting your order: 

1. When you arrive at our car park, please turn right and follow the sign to the Click & Collect collection area. Park anywhere on this side of the car park. 

2. When parking, please leave plenty of space between yourself and other vehicles. 

3. Once parked, please open the boot, then remain in your vehicle. A member of staff will be with you shortly. 

4. We will load your vehicle; once we have moved away, you can get out and check your order, then drive away. 

5. By leaving the car park you are accepting that your order is correct, it is your responsibility to check your order carefully before leaving. 

6. For the safety of everyone, please stay at least 2 meters from staff. 

Thank you for you co-operation.