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Puppy Training Pads 30 Pack

The OUT! Puppy Training pads are one of the most technologically advanced products available for the dog owners. The powerful attractant used in the pads attracts your pet so that they mayurinate directly on it and you are saved from messy floors around your home. With moisture-lockprotection, they prevent leaks and run offs. The rapid drying feature of these leak proof trainingpads prevents tracking and keeps odor under check as well, while the anti-microbial odor keepsyour home smelling fresh always. 40 times more absorbent than newspapers. Also great for ailingpets, lining crates or carriers, muddy or wet paws.
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JR Pet Pure Chicken Pate Sausage 400g

JR’s 100% natural pure Chicken Pate for dogs are not only a delicious treat but they’re healthy too. Ideal for dogs of all breeds and sizes, they’re a great source of protein and are perfect for training.

Furminator Deshedding Tool Long Hair Medium Dog

Stainless steel deShedding edge reaches through topcoat to safely and easily remove loose undercoat hair without damaging topcoat. Skin Guard® glides over skin, allowing even pressure to be applied. FURejector® button releases hair with ease, making deShedding easier than ever. Edge Guard protects teeth when tool is stored.

M-Pets Training Pads 15pk

Puppy Training Pads 60x60 cm - 15 pcs

Johnsons Clean N Safe Cleans Wipes 30pk

Johnsons Cleansing Wipes sachet of 30 wipes. Safe, gentle and hygienic. PH balanced. For dogs, cats and small animals.

Company of Animals Halti Training Lead Large Black

The HALTI Training Lead, also designed by Dr. Roger Mugford, is a firm favourite with dog trainers worldwide due to its versatility and comfort in use.

Company of Animals Halti Harness Medium

The HALTI Harness was designed by Dr Roger Mugford to STOP a dog pulling by providing front control. It applies the same principle as the HALTI Headcollar but by steering the dog from his chest rather than by his head. The HALTI Harness puts owners in control of dogs that don’t like or cannot wear a HALTI Headcollar.

Animology Flea & Tick 250ml

Animology Flea & Tick is the ideal shampoo for dogs that suffer from fleas and ticks. Suitable for all types of dog coat, this shampoo helps to remove fleas and ticks and soothe irritated skin. Infused with our 'Medicated' scent.

Company of Animals Baskerville Ultra Muzzle 3

The patented Baskerville Ultra was designed by Dr Roger Mugford to protect against bites but at the same time be comfortable for the dog.

Ancol Ergo Nail Clippers Small

The Ancol Ergo Nail Clipper is made from tempered steel, the new range of scissors and nail clippers are specifically designed for cats, dogs and other pets. The reverse of packaging gives advice on nail cutting and grooming techniques for all the grooming range of accessories.

Ancol Ergo Safety Scissors

Specially designed rounded tips ensure safety when trimming Ideal for safe trimming of delicate areas Designed to trim around the eyes and face safely Ancol Safety Scissors are a popular all purpose grooming tool. The specially designed rounded tips ensure safety when trimming. They are ideal for safe trimming in hard to reach or delicate areas, such as the face and ears.

Company of Animals Halti Optifit Head Collar Black Large

The HALTI OptiFit is a premium headcollar designed by Dr. Roger Mugford to provide an optimum fit and which guarantees to stop your dog pulling.