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Agrivite Poultry Chick Flint Grit 1.5kg

A form of non-soluble grit that once eaten sits in the chick's crop and aids the digestion of food by breaking it down. It is a very fine grade of flint grit especially selected for chicks.

Agrivite Poultry Grit Oyster Shell 1.2kg

A form of soluble grit with a slow rate of calcium release. This should be fed whenever you are looking for strong, good quality and consistent egg shells. It also increases the bone strength of the bird.

Johnsons Iodised Condition Pek Large

Traditional peck blocks Grits, vitamins and minerals Promotes good health and condition Johnsons Iodised Condition Peks are traditional peck blocks made with iodine, grits, seaweed extract, calcium, yeast vitamins and minerals. This complementary food promotes good health and condition in your bird. Large (100g)

Johnsons Iodised Condition Pek Small

Johnson's Iodised Condition Pek will help keep your bird's beak and claws trimmed and safer for handling. small (33g)

Petlife Harkers Harka - Dip 100ml

Harkers Harka-Dip is a general purpose pigeon dip to promote good plumage hygiene, and to treat and prevent infection from ectoparasites such as lice, flies and mites.

Petlife Harkers Three In One - 50 Tablets

Harkers 3 in 1 treatments are for the prevention of Coccidiosis, Canker and Worms in a single dose, so takes away the hassle of treating birds with three separate medicines.