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Versele Laga Prestige Exotic Fruit Mix 600g

Premium grains, seeds & fruit mix: a real treat for parrots

Johnsons Parrot Bumper Bell 150g

Johnson's Parrot Bumper Bar is an extra-large sized treat naturally enriched with honey, seeds and nuts.

Johnsons Budgie Honey Bar 35g

This bar shaped treat is made with carefully selected seeds and is enriched with honey Can be hung from the cage or aviary

Vitakraft Budgie Stick Honey

With an original Vitakraft Kracker, your parakeets have to work for their food. This delicious mix of grains is triple baked on a natural wooden nibble stick to keep your birds occupied with extra crunchy fun. With essential vitamins to give your birds a healthy life. With honey and vitamins, 2 Kracker per pack, Triple baked, On untreated wooden nibbling sticks, Contains no antioxidants, With clip holder, Keep a Vitakraft Kracker in your birdcage at all times!

Johnsons Budgie Seed Bell 24g

Seed Bells for Budgies and Parakeets is a tasty complementary pet food specially designed to cheer up any budgie How it works When you want to treat your birds with a delicious snack, Seed Bells for Budgies and Parakeets is the best solution. This formula is made with selected seeds and honey which your birds will love. Key benefits: delicious treat for budgies and parakeets seed bells individually shaped with hanger provided 27 pieces in a box high-quality ingredients How to use Seed Bells and Budgies for budgies and parakeets provide an enjoyable treat for birds. Feel free to cheer them up and attach the bells to their cage using the hanger provided and watch the excitement. They will work busily nibbling and enjoying each of the tasty fruits and seeds. They will be kept busy nibbling away, enjoying the tasty fruits and seeds.

Vitakraft Canary Stick Egg 2 Pack

Vitakraft Canary Egg Sticks 2pk Vitakraft s Glazed sticks for Canary s are a high quality whole grain and egg treat stick that your bird will find irresistible. Containing only top quality ingredients such as specially selected seeds plus vitamins and minerals. Every Vitakraft treat stick has a wooden core which is dipped in a calcium and mineral rich ldquo batter rdquo coated with seeds and grains and then baked. This process is repeated at least three times. The result is a very long lasting triple baked treat that is as nutritious as it is fun for your pet. When the seed is all gone the small animals enjoy nibbling on the wooden core as well. Includes a clip holder which clips easily to the cage for hassle free dispensing.

Vitakraft Parrot African Stick Honey 2 Pack

Baked three times on a natural wooden stick and with no added sugar; these Vitakraft Parrot Treat Sticks Honey and Aniseed are a healthy choice for your pet bird. The treat has been lightly baked with three different layers, to keep the level of nutrition high. The outer core is the yummy seed mix, the middle core is the scrumptious biscuit layer, and the inner core is chewable wood; great for keeping your bird's beak healthy and trim. They are made from 100% natural ingredients including aniseed, which is a great source of minerals such as iron for transporting oxygen in the blood, potassium for a healthy heart and muscles, and zinc to help with feather formation. The other key ingredient, honey, provides your bird with long lasting bursts of energy. Every treat stick also contains vegetables, cereal and seed that make the recipe even tastier for your Parrot. Hang these sticks in your Parrot's cage, perhaps near a perch, to make mealtimes fun and accessible for your bird. If they are up for more of a challenge then hang the treat sticks away from their perch, encouraging them to exercise and find a more active way of reaching their treats. There are two sticks in every packet, for double the fun for your bird.

Johnsons Honey Ring 25g

Johnson’s Honey Ring is made from selected seeds with honey and is ring-shaped to fit on a perch. Suitable for cage birds including budgies and parakeets.

Vitakraft Budgie Stick Moulting 2 Pack

Complete food treat for budgies with added vitamins, triple baked with natural stick & holder.

Johnsons Iodised Condition Pek Large

Traditional peck blocks Grits, vitamins and minerals Promotes good health and condition Johnsons Iodised Condition Peks are traditional peck blocks made with iodine, grits, seaweed extract, calcium, yeast vitamins and minerals. This complementary food promotes good health and condition in your bird. Large (100g)

Vitakraft Canary Stick Honey 2 Pack

With a naturally sweet flavour, these Vitakraft Canary Kracker Sticks are rich in honey and sesame seeds, for an irresistible taste canaries love. Specifically formulated for Canaries. Enriched with essential vitamins and minerals for wellbeing and vitality. Triple baked for strength and flavour. With a delicious crunchy texture, helping to keep your birds beak trim. With cage clips for easy attachment to your bird's home. Sugar free recipe. No artificial flavours. With a blend of delicious seeds, honey and cereals. Each pack contains 2 treat sticks for Canaries.

Johnsons Super Fruit & Honey Bell 34g

Johnson's Fruit and Honey Bell is made from selected seeds and honey plus a variety of dried fruits including apple, banana, apricot, raisins and currants. Suitable for cage birds including budgies and parakeets.