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Equus Health SuperSkin 2kg

A carefully balanced combination of natural ingredients formulated to help skin and coat condition. Can also be helpful for 'itchy horses.

Equus Health Psyllium Husks 1kg

A great bulk forming fibre herb. Invigorates sluggish bowels and gently enhances movement through the digestive tract without irritating the colon. A useful alternative to the endangered herb Slippery Elm. Also, a good supplement for horses kept on sand, aiding grains to pass through the gut.

Equus Health Winter Glow/Summer Shine 3kg

A natural conditioner that supports the digestive, lymphatic and respiratory systems. Also provides essential nutrients and aids viral protection.

Seaweed 3kg

A very efficient and cost effective broad spectrum supplement for general nutrients. Pure and uncontiminated, Equus Health Seaweed provides an effective source of over 70 nutrients to ensure good coat and hoof condition.

Equus Health Spearmint 1kg

A food appetiser supporting the digestive system, Spearmint can tempt fussy feeders.

Equus Health Rosehips (Whole) 1kg

An excellent source of natural Iron and vitamins A, C and K, which help support the horse’s immune system. Contains an antioxidant, for healthy liver, kidney and circulatory function. Rosehips also contain Biotin for hoof quality and growth. Can be used as a healthy treat.

Equus Health Brewers Yeast 1kg

A useful aid to the digestive system and of great benefit to most horses at times of stress. *Please note - Colour may vary slightly due to the nature of the herb

Nettles 1kg

General blood cleanser and conditioner. A good source of iron for anaemia. Rich in Vitamin C, iron, sodium chlorophyll, protein and dietary fibre. Designed to be fed daily.

Equus Health Seaweed & Rosehips 3kg

Traditonally known as 'the farrier's aid'. Seaweed and Rosehips provide a natural source of minerals and nutrients, Biotin and Vitamin C; all the essentials for strong horn growth.

Equus Health Dandelion Leaf 1kg

Dandelion leaves are high in iron, calcium, copper and magnesium as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and D.

Equus Health Gastro-Kalm 1kg

Gastro-Kalm is the ultimate gut filter absorbing gasses and toxins within the stomach.

Equus Health Turmeric 1kg

Equus Health Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory it has been used for thousands of years, traditionally used for digestion, skin and joints.