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Arnica 200

The Equus Health Arnica 200c is the ultimate accident aid, derived from the mountain plant Arnica Montana and is formulated for natural healing.

Equus Health Brewers Yeast 1kg

A useful aid to the digestive system and of great benefit to most horses at times of stress. *Please note - Colour may vary slightly due to the nature of the herb

Equus Health Clivers & Marigold 1kg

Two herbs to aid the lymphatic system. Consider for use with filled legs and soft swellings.

Equus Health Clivers 1kg

A popular herb for horses, reputed to provide support for the lymphatic and glandular systems. Can be especially useful for horses and ponies spending more time in their stable.

Equus Health Comfrey Leaves 1kg

Comfrey Leaf has earned the name 'Knitbone', traditionally used on bone, cartilage and connective tissue. It is a source of vitamin B12 and allantoin and is reputed to help with new cell growth and cell production.

Equus Health Dandelion Leaf 1kg

Dandelion leaves are high in iron, calcium, copper and magnesium as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and D.

Equus Health Echinacea Herb 1kg

Echninacea is a well-know herb for promoting the immune system and red blood cells, it can provide day to day support or for times when a little extra help is needed.

Equus Health Fenugreek 1kg

Known as 'the conditoning herb', excellent for adding condition to poor doers building top line and muscle or for shy feeders. Can be fed in conjunction with garlic for complimentary properties.

Equus Health Gastro-Kalm 1kg

Gastro-Kalm is the ultimate gut filter absorbing gasses and toxins within the stomach.

Equus Health Gastro-Kalm 500g

Gastro-Kalm is the ultimate gut filter absorbing gasses and toxins within the stomach. 500g will last 1 month at maintenance level.

Equus Health Hedge Mix 1kg

A tasty combination of herbs that horses would naturally seek out when out at grass. Our Hedgerow Mix provides an excellent source of forage and provides variety in the diet, often lacking in modern pasture turnout. This balanced mix of herbs is ideal for general maintenance, wellbeing or to add variety to feed.

Equus Health Limestone Flour 1kg

A valuable source of calcium; can be useful for all equines, but particularly young stock and broodmares.