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Extra Select Meadow Hay Large 2kg

An unchopped, dust-extracted blend of grasses, naturally grown on chemical-free pastures.

Extra Select Swan & Duck Feed In Bucket 5L

Extra Select Swan and Duck Food is a complementary feed for Swan, Duck, and Waterfowl. It is made from natural floating pellets which means it is easy to access by ducks and marine life. It offers a well balanced feed for adult ducks and swans, as well as growing and breeding waterfowl. It contains high levels of fish meat and shrimp which means it will be very popular at your local pond!

Extra Select Mixed Poultry Grit Bucket 3L

A mixture of soluble & insoluble grit to assists digestion, shell quality and general well-being

Extra Select Hedgehog Pellets Bucket 5ltr

Extra Select Hedgehog pellets is a pro-biotic feed formulated specifically for our native hedgehogs. Our natural pellets contain Black Solider Fly Larvae, which is a protein rich in Omega 3, 6, & 9. Suitable for all native hedgehogs, feed as required and always ensure there is a fresh supply of clean water.

Extra Select Chick Flint Grit Bucket 1ltr

Poultry should always have access to grit especially if they are confined in a run or indoors. Grit aids their digestion because it acts as the hens 'teeth' in the crop to grind up the food. This is a flint grit which is just the right size for poultry. Ideal to help young chicks digest their food.

Extra Select Gnawing Tunnel Large

A chewable toy for your cuddly tiny animal friend to enjoy. These miniature animal gnawing tunnels are made from 100% safe, environmentally friendly vegetable parchment and help promote exercise and chewing, resulting in a stimulating environment that leads to a healthier, happier existence. They're also ideal for hiding and feeling protected for your pet.