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Farmgate Poultry Growers ACS Pellets 20kg

BOCM Farmgate Grower ACS 20kg

Farmgate Chick ACS Crumbs 20kg

BOCM Farmgate Chick Crumbs ACS 20kg Farmgate Medicated Chick Crumbs ACS is a flexible, highly nutritious and palatable starter diet, designed to be fed to either laying hen replacements or meat birds calling for a slower steady start.

Farmgate Super Omega Mash 20kg

A unique product containing LINTEC, a processed form of Linseed which contains high levels of naturally occurring Omega 3 fatty acids. These Omega 3 fatty acids have been show to give beneficial health effects to both birds and humans when consuming a diet rich in them. Lintec inclusion in the Laying birds diet has also shown improvements in egg quality, on such a level that consumers have expressed significant preference for them.