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Fearns Maxi Bed Chopped Straw

Our chopped straw bedding, Maxi-Bed, is the perfect bedding for horses as it's fluffy, comfy and fresh. The highly compact bales are dust extracted to ensure an optimum stable environment for your horse, and to keep your horse in excellent respiratory health. This product is bio-degradable (perfect for muck heaps) which also makes it environmentally friendly!

Fearns Premium Chopped Hay

Our Premium Chopped Hay is a timothy rye grass mix of first cut hay, packed full of natural goodness. This product is perfect for ageing equines with deteriorating teeth. A high fibre diet of tasty, easy to eat forage is very important for veterans as it adds essential calories into their daily food intake that they may struggle to gain with longer strands of hay or haylage. Being dust extracted ensures optimum respiratory health.

Fearns Premium Hay

Our dust extracted Premium Hay is made from a timothy rye grass mix for a more palatable product. It is high fibre whilst being low protein and low energy. Being first cut, the hay is the best of the season. Dust extracting is very important to us, as so many modern day horses suffer from conditions such as COPD and RAO. A high fibre diet is vital to help prevent dental problems, digestive upset and obesity.