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Pettex Orange Koi Sticks 5kg

Orange Koi Sticks are specially formulated for the dietary needs of Koi, but suitable for all pond fish. Contains Spirulina for colour enhancement. Protein 30%, Fat Content 4%, Crude Fibres 2%, Inorganic Matter 6%.

Tetra Pond Sticks Complete 50L 4200g

Tetra Pond Food Sticks 4200g- 40 Litre Bag with 25% EXTRA. Tetra Pond Foodsticks contain all of the nutrients needed by pond fish, in correctly balanced quantities to ensure optimum digestion and minimum waste.

Tetra Pond Sticks Complete 12L 1200g

Tetra Pond Food Sticks 1200g - 10 Litre Bucket with 20% EXTRA

Pettex Premium Variety Mix Pond Food 5kg

A complete and balanced diet for all types of pond fish including Koi, Pettex Variety Mix is a premium mixed food with a floating formula encouraging fish to feed at the surface for your enjoyment.

Pettex Premium Hi Pro Pond Flake 4L

Pettex Pond Flakes. Complete floating premium flake food for all types of pond fish including Koi. Prolonged Floating46% Protein. Also Suitable for tank fish. Balanced diet formula.

Tetra Pond Flake 800g

Tetra Pond Flake High quality flake food for all pond fish

Tetra Pond Sticks Complete 450g

Tetra Pond Sicks are a complete diet concentrating on health and condition for all pond fish.

Tetra Variety Sticks 1650g

Tetra Pond Variety sticks are a high quality complete diet for all pond fish including Koi Goldfish and Orfe. 

Pettex Premium Variety Mix Pond Food 1.2Kg

Pettex Variety Mix Pond food : A complete aquatic food, ideal for those customers looking for a combination that provides a balanced nutritional diet and healthy long-term growth. The product comprises of both sticks and pellets to suit customers referred feeding preferences. All of the Pettex range utilises stabilised vitamin C to assist the fish’s natural defences against disease. Pettex Pond Pellets and Orange Koi Sticks benefit further from the inclusion of Spirulina, this natural algae is one of the most acclaimed colour enhancers for all ornamental fish and brings out there true beauty. All manufacturing procedures use batch coding so we have full trace ability throughout the plant from start to finish.

King British Goldfish Flake 200g

King British Goldfish Flake is a complete food, suitable for goldfish and other coldwater fish. It is free from artificial colours, flavours & preservatives, and has been specially formulated with 42% protein for the metabolism of coldwater fish.