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Colonels Hemp 15kg

Hemp seed is a nutritious general seed enjoyed by most garden birds, and a particular favourite of finches. Can be fed from bird seed feeders and bird tables.

Crafty Catcher Boilies Strawberry & Krill 500g

Fast Food boilies give the angler a high leakage bait that attracts Carp fast and at the same time delivers a nutritionally balanced diet that keeps them coming back for more.

Kai X Baits Wonder Worms 1kg

Kai X Baits Wonder Worms are a perfect black mix when you are fishing with worms. Only one ground bait will do wonderworms.

Donald Cooke Course and Trout 8mm 20Kg

They are very water stable (up to 3 hours) and can be moulded around a method feeder or similar product without forming a dough, allowing them to disperse on the lake bed as whole pellets. Fish meal based pellet with the added attraction of natural fish oils, leaving a lasting flavour trail on the lake bed. They do not fill up the carp quickly, so the fish remain in the swim feeding. High in animal protein. They are superb for all season carp fishing, and are good for winter fishing due to their low oil content. Ideal for method feeding or as feed pellets. These pellets are ideal for use in PVA bags. They can also be mixed with ground bait to offer extra attraction.

Peregrine Frozen Chicks Single

Frozen chicks are a great source of nutrition for growing reptiles, especially snakes, with high levels of protein and calcium in the bones that allow healthy development.

Peregrine Pre Pack Live Mealworms

Mealworms are an excellent food for both pet reptiles and insect eating garden birds, and in fact despite being a treat they are a clean and a relatively inexpensive livefood which are juicy and rich in protein. Very popular live food for insect eating Garden Birds and various Lizards including bearded dragons, Leopard Geckos, Frogs and Water dragons. By choosing to feed your reptile livefoods such as these mealworms you will be promoting a natural hunting, stalking and waiting behaviour from your reptile which keeps him/her active and occupied and is more what they would be accustomed to in the wild.

Tetra Pond Sticks Complete 50L 4200g

Tetra Pond Food Sticks 4200g- 40 Litre Bag with 25% EXTRA. Tetra Pond Foodsticks contain all of the nutrients needed by pond fish, in correctly balanced quantities to ensure optimum digestion and minimum waste.

Pettex Premium Hi Pro Pond Flake 4L

Pettex Pond Flakes. Complete floating premium flake food for all types of pond fish including Koi. Prolonged Floating46% Protein. Also Suitable for tank fish. Balanced diet formula.

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