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Fish Treatments

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King British Green Water Control 100ml

King British Green Water Control targets the tiny unicellular algae in your pond that cause "green water". This special additive causes the algae to clump together and fall to the bottom of the pond, where they can be sieved out or where the light levels are too low for them to thrive. "Green Water" is unsightly, can clog filters, and can be bad fo

King British White Spot Control 100ml

King British White Spot Control is a veterinary medicine for the treatment of fish infected with White Spot. Also known as Ich or Ichthyopthirius, this is a persistent protozoan parasite that exhibits itself as pinhead-sized white spots. Costia & Trichodina can also be controlled with this product. Suitable for both coldwater & tropical aquariums.

Tetra Algo Fin 500ml

Tetra Pond AlgoFin is an effective and safe treatment for persistent blanketweed and other pond algae.