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Donald Cooke Brown Crumb 20kg

Use neatly or mix with groundbait

Donald Cooke Method Mix 20kg

Contains feed stimulants and attractants including spices and Ground Hemp. It binds well and breaks up quickly. Perfect for the method feeder. Ground bait is the perfect choice when using the method on commercial fisheries.

Kai X Baits Black Halibut Method 1kg

Kai X Baits Black Halibut Method is a commercial carp fishing ground bait, with the pulling power of ground halibut pellets.

Kai X Baits Scopex Method 1kg

A method mix flavoured with Scopex, great for holding fish in your swim.

Kai X Baits Spicy Strawberry 1kg

Kai X Baits Spicy Strawberry are a blend of sweet and spicy flavours to create this superb ground bait with keeping carp in your swim in mind.

Kai X Baits Wonder Worms 1kg

Kai X Baits Wonder Worms are a perfect black mix when you are fishing with worms. Only one ground bait will do wonderworms.

Sticky Baits The Krill Clusters 500g

It's safe to say that The Krill range has cemented itself as one of the very best of all time and has racked up countless amounts of captures since it's creation in 2012, and without sounding too silly, we attribute the great success story to a tiny aquatic-being the humble krill.

Sticky Baits Active Mix The Krill 2.5kg

Designed to complement the rest of the Krill range, but an awesome stand along mix to use for bags, sticks, groundbait and spod mixes with any of our baits. Within are high levels of the matching base mix, along with a boosted level of soluble ingredients, which results in a far faster release of attractors than a boiled bait could ever achieve. When submerged in water, the Krill Active Mix really comes to life releasing small food particles that will rise through the water column, drawing fish in and giving them that extra encouragement to feed whilst keeping food items to a minimum. It contains only the finest ingredients such as: LT-94 fishmeal, crustacean extracts, pure krill meal, krill protein powder and a few of our famous Krill Pellets thrown in for good measure. This product was designed for carp anglers to use for bags and sticks but will appeal to a huge percentage of anglers, whatever their target. No cheap bulking out agents are added to this high quality mix, so if money is tight, it can be cut 50/50 with crumb and still remain a very effective mix. We suggest dampening it down with our Pure Krill Liquid for the ultimate in fish pulling natural attraction.