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Sticky Baits Shelf Life Manilla 12mm 1kg

This all-year-round range utilises a peanut protein exclusively available to us and never before used within the bait industry. If you have ever used peanuts before, we’re sure you’ll be aware of just how addictive carp find them, however due to the high fat content it has previously only been possible to use them in small quantities – not any more! This revolutionary ingredient has been partially defatted leaving an end product that carp not only find irresistible but also ticks all the right nutritional boxes. As with all of our baits, the secret to Manilla lies within more than one ingredient, so the rest of the mix is made up of a complex combination of blended milk proteins and bird foods with an exceptional track record.
£10.39 £12.99

Donald Cooke Bloodworm Pellet 3mm 25kg

Bloodworm pellet, a great bait is a bloodworm as you know as it’s a natural bait for the carp. So when these pellets break down they give a cloudy red bloodworm aroma of, drawing fish into the area these bloodworm flavored pellets break down even in cold water and are great for PVA bag work and adding to spod mixes

Crafty Catcher Boilies Cream Seed & Mulberry 500g

Fast Food boilies give the angler a high leakage bait that attracts Carp fast and at the same time delivers a nutritionally balanced diet that keeps them coming back for more.

Donald Cooke Trout Elite 4.5mm 25kg

A palatable, complete feeding stuff for fish. Available in a range of sizes.