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Fleischeslust Original Fresh Golden October 800g

78% meat and offal (25% beef, 10% beef heart, 10% quail meat, 10% quail offal, 10% lamb 8% lamb hearts, 5% beef liver), 9.6% carrots, 5% sweet potato, 3% cottage cheese, rosehip powder, whole egg, eggshell powder, sea salt, banana powder, chamomile, yucca root extract, brewer‘s yeast, spirulina

Fleischeslust Original Tender Beef 800g

Single protein‚ 100% gluten-free‚ 100% cereal-free

Fleischeslust Original Fresh Farmer Menu 800g

100% natural ingredients in food grade quality Ingredients: 80% meat and innards (28% chicken meat, 10% beef meat, 10% beef lung, 10% lamb heart, 7% chicken stomach, 5% chicken liver, 5% chicken necks, 5% beef heart), 5.8% carrots, 5% sweet potatoes, 2% cottage cheese, brewer’s yeast, parsley, whole egg, sea salt, cod liver oil, chamomile, eggshell powder, yucca root extract

Fleischeslust Original Fresh Wild Rabbit 800g

WILD RABBIT with root vegetables, linseed oil and parsley 100% gluten-free 100% grain-free

Fleischeslust Original Fine Poultry 800g

Fine Poultry with Rice and Carrots. Contains only high-quality fresh meat ingredients and nutrient rich plant products. 100% gluten free. Available in multiple weights. 80% poultry and beef (composed of 48% beef and poultry meat, 16,2% poultry heart, 13% poultry necks, 8% chicken skin, 8% beef lung, 4,8% poultry liver, 2% beef liver) Gluten Free 100% Natural Product

Fleischeslust Meat & Treat Buffalo 200g

BUFFALO - single protein, cereal and gluten free. 100% buffalo: 70% lean meat, 20% buffalo heart, 9,5% buffalo fat, 0,5% sea salt

Fleischeslust Farm Duck (Single Protein) 800g

Crude protein 12,9%, crude fat 6,8%, crude ash 1,8%, crude fibre 1,2%, moisture 71,4% 80% duck (composed of 68% duck meat and duck heart, 25% duck neck, 7% duck liver), 15% amaranth and 5% apple from food production

Fleischeslust Lean Turkey (Single Protein) 800g

Single protein, 100% turkey • Gluten-free Ingredients: 80% turkey (composed of 62% turkey meat and turkey heart, 15% turkey necks, 13% turkey skin, 10% turkey liver), rice and carrots, green-lipped mussel extract and safflower oil from food production

Fleischeslust Original Beef Menu 800g

Single protein • 100% gluten-free • 100% cereal-free Ingredients: Beef meat and valuable innards (52% beef meat, 16% beef heart, 16% beef liver, 16% beef lung), 20% carrots and eggshell powder from food production

Fleischeslust Original Fresh Salmon 800g

Fresh Salmon with Spirulina and Coconut. 100% gluten-free, 100% grain-free.

Fleischeslust Meat & Treat Power Duck 200g

This product has been specially developed as a healthy reward alternative for dogs with increased physical exertion. The addition of important electrolytes and amino acids supports fast regeneration of the body.

Fleischeslust Pure Lamb (Single Protein) 800g

80% lamb (composed of 55% lamb meat and lamb heart, 16% lamb liver, 16% lamb rumen, 8% lamb lung, 5% lamb paste), unpeeled millet and eggshell powder, yeast and safflower oil from food production