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Flexi Full Cheek Mullen Mouth Snaffle

The flexi mouthpiece is 'warmer' than a traditional stainless steel mouthpiece, which encourages acceptance of the bit. For this reason, the flexi mouthpiece is a good choice for younger horses and those with a sensitive mouth.
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Flexi Neon Yellow Lead Tape M 5m

Flexi Extending Dog Lead Reflective Medium Tape 5m Neon Yellow comes complete with reflective neon coloured components, and is suitable for medium sized dogs up to 25 kg. "Visibility" is the motto of flex's NEON line, and this highly reflective retractable lead offers increased safety for dogs and their owners after dark. In addition to the very visible neon orange coloured tape, the lead also has a casing with orange reflective stickers on both sides. Microprisms in the stickers make the lead visible when it is hit by headlights from up to 160 yards away. The Flexi Extending Dog Lead Medium Tape 5m Neon Orange can be customized with the Flexi Multi Box for treats or waste bags. Please always read the handling tips and safety instructions included before using this product. Approximate Dimensions (Product): 11.6 x 3.9 x 18.8cm