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Westland Multi Purpose Compost John Innes 60L

Perfect for all life stages of plants Now suitable for seed sowing Stronger plant development More flowers, more vibrancy, longer plant life Ideal for containers and hanging baskets Now suitable for seed sowing Size 60L How to use: Fill pots, containers, baskets with compost and plant your new flowers and vegetables or dig in
From £4.33

Westland Organic Farmyard Manure 50L

A rich organic soil improver ideal for boosting soil quality Natural organic matter enriches soil by adding vital humus and nutrients Improves soil structure and water holding capability Size 50L How to use: Fork into soil in spring or autumn and before planting up vegetables and shrubs or roses. Use as a mulch around established pla
From £3.99

New Horizon All Plant Compost 60L

New Horizon All Plant Compost is a naturally peat free formualtion that gives every plant triple the goodness.
From £5.00

Westland Landscape Bark 100L

Westland Landscape Bark contains 30-50mm large chips for maximum coverage. It is Ideal for covering pathways and large areas and also helps suppress weed growth. Improved moisture retention around plants. 30-50mm large chips for maximum coverage Ideal for covering pathways and large areas Helps suppress weed growth Improves moisture ret
From £6.00

Westland Multi Purpose Compost 70L

Produced from a balanced peat blend, this multi-purpose compost offers the best planting conditions making it ideal for use all around the garden. It provides a ready source nutrients and minerals that will feed your plants for up to 4-5 weeks.
From £4.00

Westland Ericaceous Planting & Potting Mix 60L

Supports long-lasting flowers Glossy and green foilage Exciting new product The Westland Ericaceous Planting Mix 25 Litre feed has a six-month slow release formula for long-lasting flowering and resilient plant growth. The iron content maintains an acidic root environment and Westland Ericaceous Planting Mix also promotes chlorophyll to create glossy and green foliage.
From £5.00

Westland Top Soil 35L

For creating new beds & borders or simply improving existing soil in your garden then Westland Top Soil is ideal for a high quality finish. It is also perfect for general lawn preparation & repairs such as levelling lawns, making it the ideal accompaniment for your general garden use.
From £3.00

Westland Gro-Sure Smart Lawnseed Tough Areas 20m2

Westland Gro-Sure Smart Seed Tough Areas contains a blend of quick growing, hard wearing grass seed varieties

Westland Aftercut Lawn Thickener 100m2

Aftercut Lawn Thickener is a mix of lawn feed and grass seed, that greens and thickens the lawn in one easy step. It reinvigorates existing grass and adds new life to your lawn. Use lawn thickener to make your lawn look lush and Green. Aftercut Lawn Thickener is safe to use in areas frequently visited by children and pets. When using Aftercut lawn thickener you will find that after 3 days the lawn will become greener and healthier. Over the following days and weeks, the grass seed will germinate to create a lusher, thicker lawn

Westland Gro-Sure Smart Patch Repair

Gro-Sure Smart Patch Lawn Repair is perfect for repairing any patch in any lawn. It contains salt & pet urine neutraliser to help repair dog spots and patches. The water retaining granules and premium seed sowing granules help to make it guaranteed to grow.

Westland Gro-Sure Smart Lawnseed Faststart 25m2

Gro–Sure Smart Seed Fast Start is a blend of hard wearing, quick growing lawn seed varieties that is perfect for filling in bare patches or over-seeding worn areas.

Westland Jack's Magic All Purpose Compost 60L

Westland Jack's Magic All Purpose Compost 60L is a all purpose compost blends the finest 100% natural ingredients to create a pure and balanced growing medium, which produces super natural growth and exceptional health for plant and blooms all around your house and garden. This specially formulated peat based compost enriched with organic fertiliser to feed your plants for the first 4-5 weeks.
From £4.33