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Westland Big Tom Tomato Food 1L + 25% Extra Free

Westland Big Tom Super Tomato Food now gives you 3 x more*, bigger, healthier as well as tastier tomatoes, all season long. Our Big Tom Tomato Food has our unique PlantSense™ Technology. This means there is just the right amount of nutrients and a water management system perfected to work with peat free growbags and planters. Including iron and magnesium to give you greener plants, it is also rich in seaweed for healthy root growth giving you great tasting tomatoes.
From £5.00

Altico Chippings - Cotswold Stone

14 - 26mm Cream Coloured Limestone - Cotswold Stone is a decorative aggregate from Altico that consists of 14-26mm cream coloured limestone that looks fantastic whether it is wet or dry. This aggregate suitable for a wide range of landscaping projects including driveways, patios and pathways. Cotswold Stone is not suitable for use in ponds and water features as it is not fish friendly.
From £4.00

Altico Slates - Plum Slate 40mm

20 - 40mm Plum Coloured Slate Chips - Plum Slate Chippings from Kelkay are a decorative aggregate that consist of 20-40mm plum coloured slate chips. Purple tones give this slate a rich but bright feel that shines when wet. Suitable for a wide range of landscaping projects. Plum Slate Chippings are suitable for use in ponds and water features as it is fish friendly in its natural state.
From £4.00

Altico Pebbles - Quartzite Pea 20mm

10 - 20mm Natural Quartzite Stone - Quartzite Pea Gravel from Altico is a decorative aggregate that consists of 10-22mm natural quartzite stone with a mix of golden tones that sparkle in the wet. This versatile aggregate is suitable for a wide range of landscaping projects, including driveways, rock gardens, pathways and ponds as quartzite pea gravel is fish friendly.
From £4.00

Westland Boost All Purpose Liquid Plant Food 1L

Achieve 4 times more blooms with Westland Boost All Purpose Liquid Plant Feed. Our new plant feed helps you achieve stunning floral displays and an abundance of healthy fruit and veg. Boost has unique Plantsense™ technology to feed all ornamental and ericaceous plants, plus all fruit and vegetables. It is also the first feed suitable for both peat and peat free composts. With the perfect blend of nutrients as well as unique water management technology, this makes application faster and also more effective.
From £5.00

Westland Lawn & Turf Dressing 25L

Whether you are repairing bare spots, hollows or even bumps in your lawn or even creating a new lawn with turf then Westland Lawn & Turf Dressing is essential. This universal lawn dressing improves the root structure, drainage and also the physical condition of your lawn. This results in a stronger, healthier attractive looking lawn in a matter of weeks.
From £5.00

Altico Chippings - Meteor Black

20mm Black Basalt Stone - Altico Meteor Black is a very popular basalt chipping which is often used for driveways. Many people also opt to use this stunning chipping for paths, patio edging, borders or as general ground cover. This product is extremely hard wearing. Meteor Black is dark grey when dry and becomes even darker when wet.
From £5.00

Westland Gro-Sure All Purpose Plant food 1.5L

Gro-Sure All-Purpose Plant Food is a great all round feed for plants, vegetables and flowers in gardens and inside the home. It is a liquid format for easy dilution.
From £4.00

Rokers Oak Half Barrel Planters

Oak half barrel planters suitable for a wide range of plants, shrubs and small trees. They measure roughly 15” (38cm) high x 25” (64cm) across at the top.

Westland Professional Universal Lawn Seed 9kg

Our Westland Universal Professional Lawn seed is ideal for multi-purpose use and great for landscapers or homeowners with large gardens. It has fast acting germination and strong establishment too plus will grow in all soils, from light and sandy to heavy clay types. Additionally, you’ll get consistent results because all of our varieties undergo a colour matching process for guaranteed consistency. We also carefully select our varieties of lawn seed to ensure a healthier and stronger lawn.

Gardman Watering Can 10L

Large capacity watering can Tough plastic body Ergonomic handle

Growmore 8kg Tub

Westland Growmore provides the three major plant nutrients in equal proportions. This makes it a superb general-purpose feed for use all around the garden. Its balance of nutrients ensures even stimulation of growth in all plant parts, meaning lots of fruit and flowers, abundant foliage as well as a strong root system.