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Gem Economy High Protein 25KG

Economic mixture at the right price with pleany of peas. Maple Peas, Green Peas, White Wheat, Tic Beans, Vetches, French Maize, White Peas.

Gem Pigeon Cowood Special Mix 25kg

Maples,White Wheat,Tares,Safflower,Red Dari,Maize Popular Mix especially for Young Birds

Gem The Matrix 5kg

GEM The Matrix Pigeon Supplement is a complete combination of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, grits (hard and soft) including red stone, clay blocks, mineral blocks, pink minerals powder, brewers yeast and finest conditioning oil seed - everything your birds need in one tub.

Gem Pigeon YB No Maize 25kg

A super young bird mixture and very popuLar with fanciers that feed YB’s no maize. Maple Peas, White Wheat, Vetches, Red Dari, White Dari, Safflour, Buckwheat, White Peas. pigeon

Gem Pigeon Breeding Mix 25kg

Feed during the breeding period to produce stong young birds.Contains; Roundberry maize, small maize, tares, white wheat, maple peas, safflower, white dari and white peas.

Gem Pigeon Depurative Mix 20kg

Depurative Mix is a light and easily digestible mix, ideal for a post-race detox to help reduce the toxins built up during a race. Composition: Wheat, Barley, White Dari, Safflower Seed, Naked Oats and Red Dari.

Gem Pigeon Malting Barley Mix 20kg

Barley Grains are an exceptionally rich source of microbes, with a wide range of bacteria, filamentous fungi and yeasts colonising the area between the husk and the pericarp. Many of the bacteria and fungi found on Barley Grains produce biologically significant levels of indole-3-acetic acid (IAA), a vital plant growth hormone that promotes cell division and is involved in the coordination and development of plant organs. During the malting process the grains are made to germinate under strict conditions in order to facilitate the development of internally present hydrolytic enzymes. These enzymes catalyse the degradation of the starchy endosperm and cell walls of the grain in the presence of water, modifying the structure of the barley endosperm. Once germinated the grain is dried under conditions designed to prevent the denaturing of the enzymes.

Gem Pigeon Condition Trapping Mix 20kg

To help with trapping and bring on condition. Safflour, Red Dari, White Dari, Hemp, Paddy Rice, Buckwheat, Linseed, Groats, White Wheat, Mung Beans Pigeon,mix

Gem Pigeon Irish Mix 25kg

Plate Maize,white peas, safflower, green peas, Tares, Maple Peas, Red Dari, White Dari

Gem Pigeon Super Widowhood Mix 25kg

15 different ingredients in this superb mix and especially prepared for racing cocks. Plate Maize, Popcorn Maize, Maple Peas, Tares, Croats, Re dari, White Dari, Buckwheat, White Peas, Lentils, Paddy Rice, Mung Beans, Soya Beans, Hemp, Safflour. pigeon

Gem Harkers Coxoid 112ml

A well-know brand name in the British pigeon world, Harkers is the UK's bestselling supplier of pigeon products since 1954. Distinct packaging and branding. For the treatment of Coccidiosis via drinking water. Treatment lasts for 7 days. Contains Amprolium Hydrochloride 3.84% w/v.

Gem Pigeon Premiere Best All Round mix 25kg

Gem's Best All Round Balanced Mixture for racing, breeding and moulting.Maize, Maple Peas, White Wheat, Red Dari, White Peas, Vetches, Safflour.