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Gold Label Epsom Salts 2.5kg

Gold Label Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulphate) is commercial grade to be mixed with bran mash. Old fashioned drawing ingredient available in a 2.5kg tub.

Gold Label Biotin 900g

Gold Label - Biotin. Available in a 900g tub and aids the formation of healthy hooves in most ponies/horses.

Gold Label Purple Spray 250ml

The popular purple application using an improved formulation with antibacterial ingredients for use on minor cuts and grazes.

Gold Label Triscrub 500ml

A triple combination of mild surfactants, essential oil and chlorhexidine, acting as an antibacterial skin cleanser and surgical scrub. A formulation suitable for general skin disinfection and as an antiseptic handwash.

Gold Label Stockholm Tar 450g

Solid form of this traditional tar. An unadulterated natural antibacterial tar formed by the destructive distillation of the wood from trees of the pine family. Helps maintain general hoof health.

Gold Label Tea Tree Mist With Msm 250ml

Deeply penetrates and soothes, helps to maintain natural recovery.

Gold Label Clipper Oil 500ml

A fine lubricating oil for use with all types of clippers

Gold Label Clipper Oil Aerosol 200ml

A fine lubricating oil in aerosol form for use with all types of clippers.

Gold Label Sparkle Glitter Gel Sunset 250ml

A sparkly glitter gel to enhance the showing power of horse and rider.

Gold Label Dubbin Neutral 200ml

For softening and waterproofing leather, walking boots, heavy footwear etc.

Gold Label Pig Oil & Sulphur 5L

Old recipe for the conditioning of the legs and feathers and to aid the prevention of any mud-borne infections. Especially popular with shire horses.

Gold Label Show White Powder 500g

A super whitener for applying to the socks and blazes of show animals. Does not wash off at the first sight of rain but is easily removed with warm water. Safe and non-allergic. Ideal for shires and heavy horse feather.