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Jams & Preserves

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Honey - Clear

Local honey from West Horsley, Surrey.

Honey - Set

Local honey from West Horsley, Surrey.

Home Farm Mango Chutney 340g

Our mango chutney is packed with chunks of mango. A firm and traditional favourite to have when eating with curries and poppadums. But if you’re making Grilled Shrimp Shish Kebabs it goes great with this too – either as a dip or a glaze!

Home Farm Strawberry Preserve 340g

Our best selling jam. Traditional cream teas are a must for this wonderful jam – Don’t forget the Clotted Cream!

Home Farm Apricot Preserve 340g

Juicy apricots are gently cooked to preserve the natural flavour of the fruit. Use it to glaze the top of your homemade Bread and Butter Pudding to give it an extra yummy taste!

Home Farm Raspberry Preserve 340g

Fresh raspberries are gently cooked to preserve the flavour of the fruit. My Ste-Daughter often wishes they would do a pure White Chocolate Spread, instead of the swirly one, as she says only White Chocolate will do with Raspberry Jam on toast! It would certainly leave less of a mess in the cuboards if they did…

Home Farm Seville Orange Marmalade

One of our top 3 best sellers. Wonderfull aromers are released when you open the jar. Simple but fantastic marmalade!

Home Farm Gooseberry Preserve

A very traditional, fresh English preserve. If you like tangy flavours, you’ll love this!

Home Farm Fruity Chutney 312g

A mixture of autumn fruits – namely Bramley Apples, Plums and Tomatoes (Which my Daughter insisted ARE a fruit, Thank you very much.) with onions, producing a wonderfully rich taste. Mix up with some sour cream to make a great topping for a baked Sweet Potato.