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Haas Amazone Body Brush

The Amazone is made from carefully selected horsehair bristles that promote blood circulation to the skin for a shiny, healthy coat.

HAAS Diamond Gloss Body Brush

Soft horsehair on glittering brush with leather hand loop.

Haas Diamond Koko Dandy Brush

Stiff 3-cm long coconut bristles remove dirt from the coat and can also be used to brush through the mane.

Haas Diamond Noir 5cm Body Brush

Soft fur brush with 5cm long bristles. Fantastic at bringing out the shine.

Haas Diamond Wurzel Body Brush

This beautiful black shiny brush with a hint of gold glitter contains dense black synthetic bristles that will remove stubborn dirt and sand.

HAAS Diva Exklusiv Super Gloss Body Brush

Made with Lambswool and surrounded by a rim of horsehair for a perfect shiny look. Black laquered with a black leather handstrap.

Haas Effect Body Brush

The bristles absorb all residues particularly well and therefore ensure a healthy, well-groomed coat.

HAAS Fellglanzburste Gloss Coat Body Brush

A brush with soft white horse hair for extra shiny results with a leather hand strap.

Haas Kopfburste Face Brush

A face brush made of a mixture of very soft white horsehair.

HAAS Parcour Body Brush

For this brush we use a mixture of grey and black horsehair. The combination of bristles creates a superior cleaning result.

Haas Pinto Body Brush

A high quality brush that has white and black horse hair. The black horse hair ensure throughout cleaning from underneath the coat. Pure grey horse hair is very soft but it actually locks into the coat and with that it gives superb cleaning.

Haas Pummel Fellburste Silver Brush

A brush made with soft horse hair for extra shiny results with a leather hand strap.