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Heygates Turkey Growers Pellets 20Kg

A non medicated growers pellet to follow on from Turkey Rearer.

Heygates Bran 20kg

Wheat Bran Cleaned 20Kg 12% Crude Fibre Traditionally given as a mash for resting, sick, or old horses. When prepared in this way, it also works as a laxative.

Heygates Breeding Sow Nuts 20kg

Heygates breeding sow nuts are a quality ration designed to promote milk production. A maintenance ration for a typical sow is around 2.5kg per day. After farrowing increase the feed gradually over the first 10 days. A good rule of thumb is to feed 2kg plus 0.5kg per piglet. At weaning reduce the feed to maintenance levels unless the sow is very thin. 16% protein and 6% fibre.

Heygates Bruised/Rolled Oats 20kg

Makes the energy from the grains more easily available to the horse's digestive system Helps to make the feed non heating while still providing valuable nutrients

Heygates Calf Coarse Mixture 20kg

Heygates Calf Coarse Mixture contains cooked cereals - an alternative feed to using calf nutlets. It's a molassed mix, which makes it a palatable feed as well as a source of energy and the added natural live yeast means better digestibility of nutrients and improves your calves' growth grates. Benefits: • Molassed for improved palatability • Useful alternative to calf nutlets • Contains natural live yeast for better nutrient digestibility & growth rates. • 3.5% oil, 17% protein, 7.5% fibre

Heygates Conditioning Cubes 20kg

12% PROTEIN 13% FIBRE Heygates Conditioning Cubes are a versatile ration for adding and keeping condition on all horse and ponies. A live yeast supplement is included to improve fibre digestion, mineral uptake, coat condition and body condition.

Heygates Conditioning Mix 20kg

12% PROTEIN 9% FIBRE Conditioning Feeding GuideA palatable coarse mix with a similar specification to the Conditioning Cubes and with the same live yeast supplement.

Heygates Cooked Flaked Barley

Traditional flaked barley which is steam cooked for improved palatability and digestibility. Steam cooked flaked barley is a key raw material in Heygates coarse mixtures and is ideal for providing weight gain and condition.

Heygates Country Herb Goat Mix 20kg

The ingredients include lightly rolled oats to provide energy and digestible fibre, steam cooked flaked barley and flaked maize. A variety of protein sources are used including cooked flaked peas, lucerne, sunflower and soya. A blend of natural herbs is added to improve palatability and digestibility. Country Herb Goat Mix is fully mineralised and no other supplement should be necessary in most cases. Vitamin E and Selenium are added to promote general health and coat and hoof condition.

Heygates Country Pig Finisher 20kg

19% PROTEIN 5% FIBRE A grower/finisher ration formulated to maintain good growth rates from 10 or 11 weeks of age right through to finish. It is recommended that the feeding rate is restricted to about 2kg up to 15 weeks of age (approx 65kg liveweight) or 2.5kg for older pigs. This will reduce the risk of the pig laying down too much fat.

Heygates Duck Goose Pellets 20kg

Suitable for following on from chick crumbs through to maturity. 17% Protein

Heygates Equi Balancer 20kg

A low starch, low intake, nutrient dense balancer for all horses and ponies, particularly those requiring a calorie controlled diet. Equi Balancer is ideal for good doers, overweight horses and ponies and those prone to laminitis.