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Heygates Traditional Blend Coarse Mix 20kg

10% PROTEIN 12% FIBRE A non heating coarse ration suitable for horses in light to moderate work or as a light feed for resting horses. Raw materials are carefully selected and include traditional cooked flaked cereals for improved digestibility.

Heygates Breeding Sow Nuts 20kg

Heygates breeding sow nuts are a quality ration designed to promote milk production. A maintenance ration for a typical sow is around 2.5kg per day. After farrowing increase the feed gradually over the first 10 days. A good rule of thumb is to feed 2kg plus 0.5kg per piglet. At weaning reduce the feed to maintenance levels unless the sow is very thin. 16% protein and 6% fibre.

Heygates Multistock 18 20kg

This feed does not contain any added copper or magnesium so it can be fed to all ruminants. A mineral supplement containing copper is advised for cattle and the supplementation of magnesium should be considered if a deficiency is likely in your area.

Heygates Sow Rolls 20kg

Heygates Country Breeding Sow Rolls 20kg 16% PROTEIN 4.5% FIBRE A similar product to the Breeding Sow Nuts but in a 15mm diameter roll which is more suitable for feeding on the ground or into straw bedding.

Heygates Ewe Nuts ( flock sheep nuts ) 20kg

Heygates Flockmaster 18 Ewe Nuts 20kg bag 4.75% oil, 18% protein, 9.75% fibre A quality diet suitable for most feeding systems depending on the quality of forage available. Not recommended to feed to lambs.

Heygates Layers Meal 20kg

Country Layers meal provide a complete feed for free range laying birds. Traditional quality ingredients are used to make a coarsely ground meal. Calcium is added to provide strong shells, together with all the necessary minerals and vitamins for a healthy bird. To give an attractive yolk colour, pigments extracted from marigold petals are added together with another compound which occurs naturally in the skins of oranges.

Heygates Ruminant Coarse Mix 20kg

4% OIL, 16% PROTEIN, 11.5% FIBRE Heygate ruminant course mixture is a highly palatable molassed coarse mixture suitable for breeding sheep and lambs.

Heygates Quick Lamb Pellets 20kg

Quick Grow Lamb pellets are available in loose bulk or 20kg bags. Heygates Quick Grow can be used as a creep feed or fed ad lib to finish lambs at 12 to 14 weeks of age. If fed ad lib then a typical lamb will consume about 40kg of feed if still on the ewe or 70 to 80kg if weaned.

Heygates Conditioning Mix 20kg

12% PROTEIN 9% FIBRE Conditioning Feeding GuideA palatable coarse mix with a similar specification to the Conditioning Cubes and with the same live yeast supplement.

Heygates Country Pig Finisher 20kg

19% PROTEIN 5% FIBRE A grower/finisher ration formulated to maintain good growth rates from 10 or 11 weeks of age right through to finish. It is recommended that the feeding rate is restricted to about 2kg up to 15 weeks of age (approx 65kg liveweight) or 2.5kg for older pigs. This will reduce the risk of the pig laying down too much fat.

Heygates Super Beef Nuts 20kg

Heygates Super Beef Nuts are an economical ration for us within semi-intensive systems. This feed is especially useful when fed alongside a high quality forage, can be fed ad lib if required. 3.5% Oil, 16% protein & 11% fibre

Heygates Equi Balancer 20kg

A low starch, low intake, nutrient dense balancer for all horses and ponies, particularly those requiring a calorie controlled diet. Equi Balancer is ideal for good doers, overweight horses and ponies and those prone to laminitis.