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Homefire Coal Smokeless Brazier 20kg

One of our most popular smokeless fuels for multi-fuel stoves and open fires, slow-burning Homefire Ovals pack together to provide maximum heat and minimum waste.
From £15.00

Homefire Kindling Wood Supa Pack

Get your fire off to a roaring start with our ultra-dry, kiln dried kindling. Ideal for lighting any wood, coal or solid fuel fire.
From £3.00

Homefire Shimada Style Heat Logs

These high-energy, ultra dry Homefire Heat Logs provide an excellent alternative to traditional firewood.
From £6.00

Woodlets Briquettes

Six long-burning premium-grade briquettes for all open fires, multi-stoves, wood and log burners
From £4.00

Restaurant Grade Charcoal 12kg

Get prepared for the grilling season and stock up on this high-quality CPL Restaurant Grade Charcoal for that authentic BBQ taste. This excellent charcoal is produced in larger chunks so that it is ideal for use on a wide range of BBQs from the typical garden barbecue to larger, professional grilling and BBQ equipment.

Land Energy Wood Fuel Pellets 6mm 15kg

Wood pellets suitable for equine bedding. The wood pellets are certified ENplusA1, the highest grade possible. This ensures that the pellets which are delivered have the maximum energy content, deliver optimum burning efficiency and have the minimum ash content possible, all of which contribute to the lowest possible running costs.

Harvey Salt Blocks 2x4kg

Harveys Block Salt is very light and compact, which makes it easy to load, easy to carry and easy to store. In addition to these benefits Harvey’s Salt Blocks are Food Grade, with no Anti-Caking agents in them.

Aquasol Salt Tablets 25kg

Hydrosoft Water Softening Salt Tablets 25kg Bags. The ultimate Water Softener Salt, recommended for all types of Water Softener systems for lime scale prevention.

Homefire Twizler Firelighter 300g

Get your fire off to a fantastic start with these natural firelighters.

Battles Black Disinfectant 4.5L

The traditional carbolic black disinfectant, ideal for large areas such as yards, stables and kennels

Rokers Heavy Duty Black Sacks 10 Pack

Heavy duty refuse sack

Stalosan Stalosan F 8kg

Very strong and very effective anti-bacterial, anti-viral & anti-fungal. Small lumps and settlement in the tub is normal . This powder is pest used in a powder sprayer or one of out bobby dusters. Destroys coccidia oo-cysts, parasites, worms and fly eggs and larvae Very effective in the prevention of Coccidiosis. Removes ammonia and hydrogen sulphide and dries out moisture. Non-toxic and suitable for use with all livestock. Apply to litter, bedding areas and around feeders & drinkers. Stalosan F is recomended for regular use in all livestock housing to improve the enviroment and flooring conditions around animals and birds. It is a hygiene powder that assists in the control of bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. It absorbs moisture, reduces amonia, hydrogen sulphide and other noxious gases.