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KM Elite Ultimate Lick 7.5kg

The Ultimate lick is safe to use for laminitics. The average daily intake of sugar from the Ultimate Lick is just 50g. If grazing and hay intakes are being restricted, we recommend restricting access to the lick to a few hours per day.

Equine America EA NUTRA Buteless High Strength Solution 1L

SUPPORT YOUR HORSES JOINTS - Highly palatable solution, providing nutritional support for joint and muscle comfort in competition horses and older horses and ponies.

Dust Extracted Super Hay

Dust extracted meadow hay, barn dried using recycled wood.Produced on countryside stewardship farms.
From £7.50

Rokers Haylage 25kg

High Fibre Medium/Low sugar content Low energy Approx 25kg
From £7.50

Horsehage Timothy (Purple)

Timothy HorseHage, as its name implies, is made from timothy grass which is very similar to the famous Kentucky bluegrass of America. This grass is higher in fibre and lower in protein than many other grasses, making Timothy HorseHage particularly suitable for leisure horses and ponies, native ponies, veterans and horses and ponies that are resting, convalescing or prone to laminitis. Timothy has a completely different ‘nose’ to ryegrass, from which Ryegrass and High Fibre HorseHage are made. It has a very similar nutrient analysis to High Fibre HorseHage and is highly palatable, making it ideal for fussy feeders or simply to add variety to the diets of those already being fed HorseHage.

Gelston Hi-Fibre Haylage Sliced 20kg

Gelston Haylage is a natural product. Specially packed to ensure it is air-tight so that it retains all the vital proteins, vitamins and minerals that er normally lost during traditional haymaking. An excellent source of fibre, it is dust free and semi-moist, which helps prevent respiratory health disorders such as COPD and ensures your horse of pony is in top form.
From £7.00

Nettex Fly Repellent Advanced 500ml

Nettex Fly Repellent Advanced is particularly helpful when there is an increased challenge.
£9.95 £17.99

Equerry Conditioning Mash 20kg

Low levels of starch, ‘Non-Heating’ formula Good level of protein for muscle development and topline Highly digestible fibre sources including sugar beet Oil and linseed to promote condition and a shiny coat Includes a high level of yeast for a healthy digestive system With added vitamins and minerals including magnesium
£14.95 £16.95

Dengie Cool, Condition & Shine 20kg

A high-fibre fusion of soft chopped and pelleted fibre with a high oil content to promote condition without excitability.

TopSpec Ulsakind Cubes 20kg

Helps to maintain normal digestive comfort. Helps to maintain the stomach wall during the normal fluctuations in the pH levels of stomach contents. Contains scientifically proven ingredients. UlsaKind (Ultra Low Starch Analysis) Cubes are extremely low in starch and formulated to provide calories for condition (12MJ/kg) whilst being highly sympathetic to the digestive system, especially when the normal increase in acidity occurs between feeds. That means that TopSpec UlsaKind Cubes are suitable for horses prone to gastric ulcers. They can also be fed to horses undergoing veterinary care.
£15.95 £17.95

KM Elite Wrap Assorted Colours

The KM Elite Wrap tears easily by hand, will not tighten, does not stick to skin or hair and stays in place without adhesive.
From £1.67

Spillers Senior Conditioning Mix 20kg

Ultimate nutrition for horses requiring weight gain
£16.95 £18.95
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