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Medical Supplies

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Leovet Zinc Oxide Spray 200ml

For the dressing of wounds. Also supports natural regeneration of the skin.

Gold Label Tea Tree Mist With Msm 250ml

Deeply penetrates and soothes, helps to maintain natural recovery.

Dermoline Medicated Shampoo 500ml

Effective antibacterial shampoo with added coat conditioner to optimise coat and skin condition for a fresh, non-scurfy coat.

Robinson Cotton Wool Roll 500g

Robinson Veterinary Care Cotton Wool is specially blended for softness and absorbency. The drawstring top pack will help to keep the roll clean whether used in stables, home or veterinary surgery.

Ritchey Purple Spray 500ml

Ever popular Purple Spray offering effective disinfecting of cuts and grazes

Dosing Syringe 60ml

Sterile Dosing Syringe 60ml

Leucillin Antiseptic Skincare 50ml

The most versatile first aid product available, a revolutionary anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal spray, suitable for use on all mammalian animals. Leucillin has currently the strongest concentration of HOCl available on the market; with its powerful oxidising function Leucillin is capable of rendering Coronavirus inactive when used as a skin surface sanitiser and in the correct manner.

Robinson Skintact 10cm X 10Cm

Low adherent, sterile, perforated film, absorbent dressing suitable for the management of minor wounds.

Red Gorilla Equine Weigh Tape Assorted

Red Gorilla Weigh Tape can easily monitor horse’s weight gain and loss. The weigh tape is designed to be used behind the elbow and withers however the accuracy might vary depending on your horse’s body type, breed and fitness.

Disposable Bandages White

Coercive and disposable care bandages made of woven cotton/terylene; for use on small non infected wounds. Hygienic individual packaging. sold in singles

Robinson Skintact 10cm X 20cm

Low adherent, sterile, perforated film, absorbent dressing suitable for the management of minor wounds.

Arnica 200

The Equus Health Arnica 200c is the ultimate accident aid, derived from the mountain plant Arnica Montana and is formulated for natural healing.