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Blue Chip Super Concentrated Senior Balancer 3kg

Ensuring your pony/horse receives the necessary nutrients whilst supporting the ageing process. Is your horse over 14 years old? Does your pony/horse require additional support with joint health or hormonal balance? Blue Chip Senior Balancer is the ideal way of ensuring your older pony/horse, receives the correct levels of vitamins, minerals and nutrients in their daily diet, along with additional supplements to ease the ageing process. Senior includes a complete joint supplement, alongside CushinCombo™, keeping your horse or pony active in later life. The prebiotic MOS and probiotics in Senior restore the natural balance of the gut flora and help to maintain the natural well-being of the digestive system, allowing optimum utilisation of the carefully formulated combination of vitamins, minerals and nutrients present in all the Blue Chip balancers. Do not feed to pregnant mares.

Blue Chip Super Concentrated Low Calorie Balancer 3kg

For safe controlled weight loss, with incredibly low sugar and starch levels. A super-concentrated formulation ensuring nutritional needs are met in a calorie-controlled diet. Does your pony/horse need to lose weight in a safe, controlled manner? Does your pony/horse require a diet extremely low in starch and sugar? Blue Chip Low Calorie has been carefully formulated using the latest research on calorie control and nutrition. Low Calorie delivers minimal levels of starch and sugar whilst still providing all the essential nutrients required for a horse or pony on a calorie-controlled diet. Combining all the high-quality ingredients of Blue Chip Feed Balancers PLUS added Cinnamon and L-Carnitine for supported weight loss. Low Calorie is extremely low in starch and sugar, 4 times less non-structural carbohydrates than many other similarly marketed products.

Burwood Electrolytes 1.5kg

Replenish lost electrolytes to maintain general health, performance and healthy hydration (may come in a pouch)

Dodson & Horrell Daily Vitamins and Minerals 2kg

A vitamin and mineral 'top-up' for leisure horses and ponies.

NAF General Purpose Refill 2kg

A broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement formulated for the horse or pony in light-to-moderate work.

NAF Boswellia Powder 1kg

NAF's Boswellia Powder provides herbal support for the comfort of joints and musculoskeletal system.

Foran Equine Copper-Max Paste 30g

Chelated copper and zinc paste for optimal absorption. For convenient copper supplementation, choose COPPER-MAX.

Science Supplements WellHorse Leisure 1.3kg

Vitamin, micromineral and macromineral support for the LEISURE horse. Protected live yeast to aid gut health. 1.3kg tub gives approximately 1 month supply

NAF Milk Thistle 1kg

Milk Thistle provides herbal support for the liver and kidneys.

NAF Vitamin E Selenium & Lysine 1kg

Supports muscle function in the performance horse. Particularly useful in those geographical areas where the soil is likely to be selenium deficient. Contains selenium yeast, safer to use than inorganic forms.

NAF Veteran Supplement 3kg

A comprehensive supplement containing MSM and probiotics, specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of the older horse.

Science Supplements WellHorse Performance 1.4kg

WELLHORSE PERFORMANCE is supported by 50 years of scientific research into what individual horses and ponies require and is formulated to meet the demands of the performance horse.