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Shires Hard Rubber Pelham

The hard rubber used in this pelham allows less movement but is still thick and gentle. Can be used with double reins or pelham roundings.
From £24.30

Feeling Anatomic Eggbutt Snaffle

Stainless steel. Double-jointed mouthpiece with medium thickness and anatomic link.
From £22.50

Shires Hanging Cheek French Link Snaffle

This hanging cheek snaffle has a French link for horses who do not like a nutcracker action.
From £16.50

Shires Hanging Cheek Snaffle Lozenge

Hanging cheeks help to encourage flexion, whilst the lozenge prevents the nutcracker effect of a single joint.
From £16.75

Shires Training Bit with Lozenge

This bit has a 18mm mouthpiece making it more comfortable for the horse with a larger tongue. The lozenge helps to encourage a softer contact.
From £13.80

Shires Jointed Mouth Snaffle

This is a basic jointed mouth snaffle with loose rings to allow more movement in the horse's mouth.
From £9.99

Feeling Jointed Dee Snaffle with Rubber

Stainless steel with soft rubber jointed mouthpiece.
From £17.50

Feeling Flexi Double Jointed Snaffle

“Flexi” mouthpiece is apple scented, double jointed and features central roller for a relaxing effect. Stainless steel rings.
From £16.75

Eldonian Precision Bit

Enabling a soft contact but with extreme control. This is a popular bit with show jumpers.
From £34.95

Feeling Anatomic Ring Snaffle

Stainless steel. Thick double-jointed mouthpiece with anatomic cyprium link.
From £17.50

Feeling Anatomic Mini Eggbutt Snaffle

In stainless steel with double jointed mouthpiece.
From £22.50

JHL Pro Steel Uxeter Slotted Kimblewick

A moderately strong, fixed cheek bit. The low port gives space for the tongue, with no collapse on the bars and no real palate pressure. The rings offer leverage options to increase severity. Comes with a curb chain and hooks.
From £24.99