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Shires Hard Rubber Pelham

The hard rubber used in this pelham allows less movement but is still thick and gentle. Can be used with double reins or pelham roundings.
From £24.30

Shires Blue Sweet Iron Loose Ring With Lozenge Snaffle

The loose ring cheek can discourage fixing and leaning as it has much more movement than a fixed cheek to follow the angle of the tongue. The shaped lozenge offers even pressure and encourages mouthing and contact. Mouthpiece thickness: 15mm. Cheek height: 65mm.
From £21.50

Shires Three Ring Dutch Gag Lozenge Sweet Iron

Sweet iron and copper encourages salivation and produces a pleasant taste in the horse's mouth. Raised copper ribs can help to prevent the horse taking too much of a hold. Three rings offer leverage options to increase severity.
From £19.65

Shires Waterford Loose Ring Snaffle

The Waterford bit is composed of many different links making it hard for the horse to take a hold or lean. Waterford mouth bits should be used under supervision or by experienced riders. Mouthpiece thickness: 18mm. Cheek height: 65mm.
From £15.99

Shires French Link Loose Ring Snaffle

A loose ring snaffle with a traditional flat French link mouthpiece.
From £14.05

Shires Jointed Mouth Snaffle

This is a basic jointed mouth snaffle with loose rings to allow more movement in the horse's mouth.
From £9.99

Shires Flexible Rubber Snaffle

This bit is made from flexible rubber meaning that the mouthpiece is soft and kind on the horse's mouth.
From £10.00

JP Korsteel Blue Steel Jointed Loose Ring Snaffe Bit

Fine hand-polished blue steel finish that gives off a taste enjoyed by the horse and stimulates salivation. Curved to reduce the "nutcracker" action and to alleviate pressure on the tongue and bars of the mouth. Prevents contact with the roof of the horses mouth. Allows for effective communication between horse and rider whilst encouraging relaxation and salivation. A mobile bit which discourages fixing and leaning on the forehand.
From £20.95

JP Korsteel Stainless Steel Oval Link Eggbutt Snaffle Bit

The JP Oval Mouth Eggbutt Snaffle bit is a gentle, comfortable, three piece snaffle bit with a curved mouthpiece designed to fit more comfortably in the horse's mouth.
From £22.95

JP Korsteel Sweet Iron Gag

Exerts poll pressure and a limited gag action
From £20.75

JP Korsteel Sweet Iron Snaffle

JP Korsteel Sweet Iron Jointed Loose Ring Snaffle is a nice bit for horses with a fairly large tongue or small mouth, being curved in the mouthpiece and not too thick in the bars.
From £14.25

Jeffries Eldonian Harmony Bit

This exciting new range of ergonomically designed bits features a 90% copper mouthpiece to help promote salivation. An angled lozenge centre will facilitate a better contact through a more comfortable mouthpiece. This mouthpiece has a more defined angle which allows more precise aids ,but still allows a light contact to promotes a softer but quicker response.
From £29.95