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Shires Three Ring Dutch Gag Lozenge Sweet Iron

Sweet iron and copper encourages salivation and produces a pleasant taste in the horse's mouth. Raised copper ribs can help to prevent the horse taking too much of a hold. Three rings offer leverage options to increase severity.
From £22.95

Lorina Copper Roller Dee Race Snaffle

The D cheek copper roller snaffle is often used for horses that need something stronger than a jointed bit if they lean or try to grab the bit. Alternating stainless steel and copper rollers set along the mouthpiece of the snaffle.
From £39.95

Shires Chifney Bit 5

The Chifney is not designed for riding, but is perfect for leading difficult horses or those that are likely to rear up.

Shires Equikind Peanut 2 Ring Gag

This two ring gag allows the rein to be moved, increasing the leverage if needed. The peanut ensures the mouthpiece will not come in to contact with the palate when in action making it more comfortable and the apple flavour makes this EquiKind bit easy to accept.
From £25.50

Shires Hanging Cheek Snaffle

A single joint gives a nutcracker action. The hanging cheeks can help encourage the horse to go forward in an outline.
From £19.95

Shires Blue Sweet Iron Loose Ring With Lozenge Snaffle

The loose ring cheek can discourage fixing and leaning as it has much more movement than a fixed cheek to follow the angle of the tongue. The shaped lozenge offers even pressure and encourages mouthing and contact. Mouthpiece thickness: 15mm. Cheek height: 65mm.
From £22.95

Shires Full Cheek French Link Snaffle

The French link in this bit means pressure is applied to both sides of the tongue. Some horses with low palates may find this bit more comfortable as it is unlikely to make contact with the palate when the bit comes in to action. The full cheeks assist with steering.
From £21.95

Shires Hanging Cheek Snaffle Lozenge

Hanging cheeks help to encourage flexion, whilst the lozenge prevents the nutcracker effect of a single joint.
From £19.99

Shires Small Ring Curved Mouth Eggbutt 4.5"

This bit has small rings which will look more in proportion on a smaller head. The curved mouthpiece allows plenty of room for horses with larger tongues.

Curb Chain Full

Curb Chain 24cm

JP Korsteel Blue Steel Jointed Loose Ring Snaffe Bit

Fine hand-polished blue steel finish that gives off a taste enjoyed by the horse and stimulates salivation. Curved to reduce the "nutcracker" action and to alleviate pressure on the tongue and bars of the mouth. Prevents contact with the roof of the horses mouth. Allows for effective communication between horse and rider whilst encouraging relaxation and salivation. A mobile bit which discourages fixing and leaning on the forehand.
From £25.50

Feeling Baucher Jtd Snaffle

Stainless steel. Helps bending at the poll and setting the head with a slight leverage effect. Allows to lift the front end of ponies who put a bit too much weight on their shoulders.
From £16.65