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Neue Schule Turtle Top Flex 16mm Loose Ring (7023-70-TT)

Anatomy-inspired double jointed bit design with enhanced mouthpiece stability, through optimised alignment of the mouthpiece surfaces to the tongue and palate.
From £115.00

Shires Hard Rubber Pelham

The hard rubber used in this pelham allows less movement but is still thick and gentle. Can be used with double reins or pelham roundings.
From £24.30

Shires English Hackamore

The English Hackamore makes up part of a bitless bridle.

Feeling Anatomic Eggbutt Snaffle

Stainless steel. Double-jointed mouthpiece with medium thickness and anatomic link.
From £22.50

Shires Equikind Ripple Eggbutt

The eggbutt rings on this bit prevent pinching while the EquiKind mullen mouth is mild.
From £19.25

Feeling Anatomic Ring Snaffle

Stainless steel. Thick double-jointed mouthpiece with anatomic cyprium link.
From £17.50

Shires Full Cheek French Link Snaffle

The French link in this bit means pressure is applied to both sides of the tongue. Some horses with low palates may find this bit more comfortable as it is unlikely to make contact with the palate when the bit comes in to action. The full cheeks assist with steering.
From £18.50

Shires Training Bit with Lozenge

This bit has a 18mm mouthpiece making it more comfortable for the horse with a larger tongue. The lozenge helps to encourage a softer contact.
From £13.80

Shires French Link Loose Ring Snaffle

A loose ring snaffle with a traditional flat French link mouthpiece.
From £14.05

Shires Small Ring Dressage Eggbutt Bradoon

Small rings proportioned for a small headed horse or pony. Mouthpiece thickness: 14mm.
From £13.45

Shires Flexible Rubber Snaffle

This bit is made from flexible rubber meaning that the mouthpiece is soft and kind on the horse's mouth.
From £10.00

Feeling Jointed Dee Snaffle with Rubber

Stainless steel with soft rubber jointed mouthpiece.
From £17.50