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Neue Schule Turtle Top Flex 16mm Eggbutt (7023-E-TT)

Anatomy-inspired double jointed bit design with enhanced mouthpiece stability, through optimised alignment of the mouthpiece surfaces to the tongue and palate.
From £154.00

Shires Hard Rubber Pelham

The hard rubber used in this pelham allows less movement but is still thick and gentle. Can be used with double reins or pelham roundings.
From £24.30

JP Korsteel Sweet Iron Gag

Exerts poll pressure and a limited gag action
From £20.75

Shires Three Ring Dutch Gag Lozenge Sweet Iron

Sweet iron and copper encourages salivation and produces a pleasant taste in the horse's mouth. Raised copper ribs can help to prevent the horse taking too much of a hold. Three rings offer leverage options to increase severity.
From £19.65

Shires Hanging Cheek Snaffle Lozenge

Hanging cheeks help to encourage flexion, whilst the lozenge prevents the nutcracker effect of a single joint.
From £16.75

Shires Training Bit with Lozenge

This bit has a 18mm mouthpiece making it more comfortable for the horse with a larger tongue. The lozenge helps to encourage a softer contact.
From £13.80

Shires Small Ring Dressage Eggbutt Bradoon

Small rings proportioned for a small headed horse or pony. Mouthpiece thickness: 14mm.
From £13.45

Shires Flexible Rubber Snaffle

This bit is made from flexible rubber meaning that the mouthpiece is soft and kind on the horse's mouth.
From £10.00

Neue Schule Pony Tranz Angled Lozenge Eggbutt 8093E 4 1/2

If your pony is tentative into the contact (inconsistent), the NS Tranz Eggbutt offers the stability within the mouth needed to boost the pony’s confidence encouraging it to seek the bit, taking the rein forwards.

Neue Schule Team Up Loose Ring 16mm Mouthpiece (9009)

The Team Up is the ergonomically modernised French Link; a much more comfortable mouthpiece that promotes better performance all round.
From £81.00

Neue Schule Tranz Angled Lozenge Baucher 16mm Mouthpiece (8023B)

This combination of Baucher cheek and NS Tranz mouthpiece usually helps the rider to achieve and maintain a rounder and more correct outline.
From £121.00

Neue Schule Tranz Angled Lozenge L/ Ring 14Mm Mouthpiece (8022)

The NS Tranz mouthpiece is ergonomically designed for both comfort and communication. A very popular comfortable mouthpiece that promotes feel and responsiveness encouraging a soft sustainable contact. Our short link NS Tranz Angled Lozenge is aligned, uniquely, at 20° to the bore axes of the cheeks. When a contact is taken, the smoothly profiled lozenge and loops press gently down onto the centre of the tongue thus a higher level of communication through the rein is achieved. The more pressure – sensitive side areas of the tongue are thus relieved and the thicker less pressure-sensitive area is brought into play. The double joint allows more flexibility ensuring a clearer and more independent rein aid.
From £81.00