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Silvermoor Swingers Rope Kit

146cm green rope with rubber stopper to suspend the swinger from.

Bizzy Ball Complete Aqua

Multi-functional horse toy, includes aromatherapy mint sponges - lick not included.

Bizzy Ball Complete Pink

Multi-functional horse toy to keep your horse Bizzy. Bizzy Lick Sold Separately.

LK Likit Holder

Supplied with a strong colourful nylon rope, just add a likit (sold separately) to give your horse hours of fun.
From £11.75

Bizzy Ball Corner Mounting Bracket

Designed to be mounted discreetly in the corner of the stable or paddock, ideal for horses that crib, windsuck or chew their stall.

QHP Horse Toy XL Carrot

Give your horse a big cuddly toy against boredom. With the 3D horse toy, your horse will no longer be bored. This extra large toy is ideal for use in the paddock, for example.

Le Mieux Horse Toy Apple

Keep your horse amused in the stable with this 3D apple horse toy. With a durable suede outer, it comes with hanging leaves for your horse to pull and a play rope through the apple for extra pull play, preventing your horse from getting bored. The apple is filled with natural husk and lined with non-edible hessian for extra strength. Hang it up in the stable as a fun boredom breaker your horse can play with whenever it chooses.

LK Likit Snak-a-Ball Aqua

Enhance every feeding time with this unique feeding ball. Designed to be filled with dry horse food, the ball delivers small amounts of food when pushed around by the horse. Extends feeding time and encourages natural foraging behaviour. Ideal for overweight horses and ponies on limited rations and for those that bolt their food. Includes spare lid.

QHP Horse Toy Carrot

The perfect buddy for your horse in the stable! Does your horse sometimes get bored in the stable? With the horse toy this is a thing of the past. Not only does it look nice, but it also gives your horse an activity in the stable.

Horseman's Pride Jolly Ball Blue 10"

This extraordinary play ball is not like all the others, puncturing and biting will not destroy it as it does not need air to inflate.

Red Gorilla Drip Feed Pistachio

The Tubtrug Drip Feeder is a great toy for horses who are on box rest, in the field or as a long lasting treat in the stable. The shape is designed as to not roll away too fast making it safer than previous designs of drip feeders.