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Equest Pramox Oral Gel

Equest Pramox contains Moxidectin and Praziquentel. Equest Pramox is a combination of two drugs in one horse wormer treats roundworm, tapeworm, bots, and encysted redworm larvae stages in horses.

Equest Oral Gel

Equest contains moxidectin and is one of the few wormers licensed to control the important encysted larval stages of small red worms.

Strongid-P Paste

A safe, effective, well accepted and easily administered broad-spectrum anthelmintic, which is indicated for use in the horse and donkey for the control and treatment of adult infections of large and small strongyles.

Equimax Horse Wormer Paste

A combination of two ingredients to give the broadest spectrum of activity. It kills all major intestinal parasites of the horse including arterial stages of the large redworm, lungworm, bots and tapeworm in a single dose.

Eraquell Oral Paste 18.7mg/g

Kills important internal parasites of horses, including arterial stages of the large redworm, lungworm and bots, with a single dose.

Westgate Laboratories Worm Count Kit One Horse

New compostable packaging with unique zero waste design. Contains a sample pot and full instructions on how to collect a sample from the field/stable.