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KM Elite

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KM Elite Ultimate Lick 7.5kg

The Ultimate lick is safe to use for laminitics. The average daily intake of sugar from the Ultimate Lick is just 50g. If grazing and hay intakes are being restricted, we recommend restricting access to the lick to a few hours per day.

KM Elite Orchard Treats 1.5kg

These new apple and pear flavoured treats come in 1.5kg bags, and are great for a reward for your equine friend, they are palatable and smell delicious!
From £2.50

Km Elite Padded Headcollar Tartan

Double and triple weave lined nylon for durability with nickel clips and a solid nickel throat lash clip.
From £12.95

KM Elite Yard Flick Broom XL 20"

Nylon with steel head bracket, 20" wide head & nylon bristles.

KM Elite Tyre Rubber Feed Skips Black 11L

Tyre Rubber is naturally frost and sunlight proof and is non-toxic. It's flexibility means they are brilliant for everything from agriculture and equestrian to building.

KM Elite Deluxe KM Haynet

One of the strongest and most durable haynets on the market, the KM Elite Deluxe Haynet is made from extra strong polyethylene and steel rings/hooks. The haynet is fitted with small holes to prevents the horses from gorging and eating too quickly.
From £7.55

KM Elite Superfine Cotton Lead Rope Navy

This superfine, high-quality cotton lead rope is perfect for everyday use. Length: 2m

KM Elite Deluxe Jumbo Haynet Navy Blue 48"

Probably one of the strongest, most durable and luxurious haynets on the market today!

Km Elite Ultimate Shavings Fork

An ultra durable shavings fork!
From £19.99

KM Elite Memory Foam Dressage Girth Black

Our memory foam girth has an outer layer of Coolmax material to ensure maximum breathability. While the underlayer of memory foam moulds to the horse offering a comfortable material against the skin.
From £45.00

Elim-a-net Blue Horse

The 'Inner Net Design'™ creates a physical barrier which alters the shape and size of the holes compared to a standard haynet to prevent rapid forage consumption and over eating.

KM Elite Superfine Cotton Lead Rope Purple

This superfine, high-quality cotton lead rope is perfect for everyday use. Length: 2m