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KM Elite

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Km Elite Ultimate Shavings Fork

An ultra durable shavings fork!
From £19.99

Km Elite Winter Gloves

Super warm winter gloves are lined with 70gm of thinsulate material on top of the hand with a lighter layer on the palm allowing grip and flexibility without restricting your movement.
From £21.00

KM Elite Ultimate Poultry Oil 500ml

KM Elite Ultimate Poultry Oil is the next generation in oil supplementation, a blend of high quality oils providing more than 190 bioactive nutrients including the correct healthy ratios of Omegas 3, 6, 9 and rare Omega 7. 500ml.

KM Elite Derma Gel Spray 50ml

The number one herbal skin hydrogel, for intensive and rapid skin care, plus a protective barrier effective against foreign contaminants. Derma Gel does not contain steroids and is completely safe to use on a mare in foal and competition horses.

KM Elite Ultimate Mitey Xtra 100g

KM Elite Ultimate Mitey Xtra feed supplement contains aromatic plant extracts along with a blend of powerful herbs to support poultry following exposure to common environmental challenges. These specially selected ingredients help support the circulation and immunity of the bird, maintaining optimum health at all times. Nor-Mite is Ideal for use where the external living area may be compromised. 100g.

KM Elite Dressage Whip With Silver Braided Grip

Our range of colour whips with silver braided grip add colour and fun to your riding wear.
From £10.99

KM Elite Elite Bungee Tie

These are 23" Trailer ties made from 1/2" bungee cord fitted with a quick-release panic snap on one end and a trigger clip on the other in a range of vibrant colours.
From £11.25

KM Elite Lead Rope 6ft

The perfect addition to our KM ELITE range, we are extremely proud to offer the most reliable and robust lead rope available. Ten times stronger than the average cotton leadrope with extra large brass snap for unrivaled durability.
From £6.75

KM Elite Luxury Padded Headcollar

The KM head collar has a wonderful soft padded head and nose piece for optimum comfort for your horse.
From £16.50

KM Elite Cotton Double Braided Lead Rope 7ft

This high quality double braided round cotton lead rope offers luxurious comfort and is available in a range of colours with a brass plated swivel bolt snap.
From £6.75

KM Elite Multi Purpose Equestrian Gloves

Working closely with one of the top glove manufacturers and designed specifically for KM Elite these gloves can be worn when carrying out all aspects of stable management tasks by providing a safe handling solution. Whether you are mucking out, riding, working in the field or undertaking any job where your hands need protecting, our new gloves should be just what you need.
From £4.99

KM Elite Memory Foam GP Girth Black

The memory foam girth has an outer layer of Coolmax material to ensure maximum breathability. While the underlayer of memory foam moulds to the horse offering a comfortable material against the skin.
From £45.00