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Leovet Leather Oil 450ml

Fine leather oil for heavily used leather. Penetrates deep into the leather, making it smooth and durable.

Leovet Leather Soap 450ml

Cleans and cares for the leather, making it supple

Leovet Leather Balsam 500ml

Makes leather shine. Revives aged leather and gives it a beautiful shine. Daily, gentle care without over-saturating the leather.

Leovet Leather Cream 200ml

Nourishes all smooth leather with fine oils and waxes such as beeswax, castor oil and lanolin.

Leovet Frogade 200ml

Optimal thrush care for sole and frog.

Leovet Leather Quick And Easy Spray 250ml

Cleans and cares for smooth leather. The leather is refreshed, protected and also acquires a really long-lasting new look.

Leovet Leather Foam 200ml

Cleans, nourishes and makes leather shine

Leovet Hoof Lab Natural Oil Balm 500ml

Natural building nutrients for the hoof – with biotin.

Leovet Hoof Lab Hoof Hardner 200ml

Reduces cracking and abrasion of the horn.

Leovet Leather Care Intensive 250ml

A gentle, satin sheen emulsion for all smooth leather, riding boots, and shoes. Active dirt-removing agents ensure effortless cleaning.

Leovet Shiny White Stain Eraser Shampoo 500ml

Shampoo makes discolourations disappear and brilliantly enhances the hair’s shine. Naturally moisturises the hair.