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Lincoln Ditch The Itch & Itchy Neem Shampoo

Ditch the Itch - An effective midge repellent for horse and ponies who are sensitive to biting midges. Itchy Neem Shampoo - Itchy Horse Neem Shampoo is a unique plant-based shampoo specifically for itchy skin.

Lincoln Stop The Itch 500ml and FREE Lincoln Roll On Fly Replent

Stop the Itch - A soothing lotion which provides fast relief from itching, Promotes natural recovery for skin which is sensitive to fly & midge bites. Roll on Fly Repellent - This handy to use roll-on contains a combination of gentle yet effective fly repellents. The water-based formula with additional moisturising agents can be applied accurately to the required areas. Dual action. Convenient to use. HSE licensed.

Lincoln Sun Bloc 200g

A protective, soothing sun block cream developed to safeguard delicate, exposed areas of skin which are at a high risk of sunburn. This innovative formulation provides maximum protection using naturally occurring Zinc Oxide, a proven UV filter, plus 2 additional UV filters to reflect and absorb UVA & UVB rays.

Lincoln Stable Deodoriser 4kg

A natural antibacterial deodorising powder for use in stables. Removes odours and so improves the overall air quality, making it a more comfortable environment for the horse. Absorbs moisture and eliminates irritating ammonia. Reduces the build up of bacteria.

Lincoln PIg Oil & Sulphur 1L

A ready to use preparation combining the beneficial effects of Pig Oil with that of Sulphur.

Lincoln Itchy Switchy SOS Skin Shield 550g

An antibacterial summer barrier cream which forms a durable, physical barrier to prevent midges & flies from biting.

Lincoln Stop Cribbing Paint 400ml

An effective aid for deterring crib biting and general antisocial behaviour. For application to doors, wooden rails, fences etc.

Lincoln Leather Punch

Revolves to give a variety of hole sizes to suit all your needs. With plastic coated handle.

Lincoln Piaffe Mane & Tail Conditioner 500ml

A lush, sophisticated preparation which tames & conditions even the unruliest, coarse manes & tails, leaving them soft, polished & detangled. Specifically formulated for mane & tail hair, it is fortified with Pro Vitamin B5 to strengthen the hair. Non static. Reduces grooming time. Results last for days!

Lincoln Yard Knife Fluorescent Yellow

A handy sized knife to safely cut bailer twine, string and things around the yard.

Lincoln Grooming Block

Ideal for removing loose hair, dried mud and bot eggs.

Lincoln Itchy Switchy SOS Skin Aid 500ml

A cooling, soothing lotion for hypersensitive skin affected by fly and midge bites. This advanced emulsion utilises Benzyl Benzoate & Menthol to offer a topical aid to maintain the skin’s integrity against skin trauma on manes, tails & itchy areas.