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Liveryman Clipper Harmony Plus Rechargeable 2.4mm Wide Blade

The most versatile clipper yet. The Harmony Plus can be used as both a clipper or a trimmer and is extremely quiet. It is easy to use regardless of ability and is suitable for daily use. If you want one machine to do all, then this is the clipper for you. Box contains a handset fitted with A5 blade, oil, brush and instruction manual.

Liveryman A2 Blades

Livermyan Medium (A2) blades that leave ~2.3mm of hair.

Liveryman Nova Trimmer

The liveryman nova has been designed to be agile and easy to use. It’s shape and weight make it easy to manoeuvre, with the adjustable cutting height it is the perfect trimmer for tiding, achieving straight lines and general show prep.

Liveryman Nova Adjustable Blades

Liveryman Cutter & Comb Nova Adjustable. Designed to fit onto the Liveryman Nova.

Liveryman Clipper Oil Spray 200ml

The Liveryman Clipper Oil Spray is essential for keeping your clipping blades lubricated throughout each clip. Use Liveryman Clipper Oil Spray frequently whilst clipping your horse.

Liveryman Black Beauty Mains Clippers

The Black Beauty horse clipper's brushless motor will provide up to 10,000 hours of work. Cutting performance is smooth due to its unique streamlined aluminium head.

Liveryman Flare Blades

The Liveryman Flare Trimmer Blade is a spare blade designed to fit the Liveryman Flare.

Liveryman Stud Plugs Rubber 20

For packing out stud holes when not in use.

Liveryman Studs Standard 5 Pack

Ideal for additional grip on good ground.

Liveryman Lister Fit A2 Fine Blades

Blades for Lister clippers ( from the Liveryman Manufacturers).

Liveryman Road Studs 5 Pack

Liveryman Road Studs - Ideal for roadwork for added grip to reduced slipping.

Liveryman Studhole Cleaner

Smart Grooming stud hole cleaner is ideal for removing stones and soil from stud hole.