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Lorina Peacock Safety Stirrup Irons

Peacock Safety Irons complete with leather attachment and rubber ring.
From £42.50

Lorina Bent Leg Safety Stirrup Irons

Made with a slight bend in one side to allow the riders foot to slide out of the stirrup more easily than conventional irons.
From £42.95

Lorina Copper Roller Dee Race Snaffle

The D cheek copper roller snaffle is often used for horses that need something stronger than a jointed bit if they lean or try to grab the bit. Alternating stainless steel and copper rollers set along the mouthpiece of the snaffle.
From £39.95

Lorina Fillis Stirrup Irons With Treads

Fillis Stirrup Irons complete with black rubber treads
From £46.99

Lorina Uttoxeter Slotted Kimblewick

The Uttoxeter Kimblewick has a port mouth and slotted rings. The kimblewick action is similar to that of a hanging cheek with the added advantage of the curb chain. The port mouth mouthpiece of the Kimblewick helps to alleviate tongue pressure, whilst the slotted bit ring can be used to change the action of the curb chain and the amount of poll pressure applied.
From £49.99