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Marriages Organic Layers Pellets 20kg

Organic Layers Pellets are ideal for laying hens, keeping them healthy, happy and laying regularly. It will ensure they have all the nutrients they need to lay delicious eggs ...

Marriages 100% Organic Mixed Corn 20kg

Organic Mixed Corn. Organic mix of wheat and maize for supplementing poultry rations. Free from; GM ingredients, Synthetic amino acids, artificial yolk colourants, urea, artificial flavourings and solvant extracted ingredients. Marriages organic feeds are milled in accordance with the GB organic certification 4. Organic standards are maintained in this country by DEFRA, who appoint registered bodies to ensure that these strict standards are adhered to. Marriages registration body is the Organic Food Federation (OFF) and all organic products contain their symbol. All organic feeds are certified to DEFRA standards and approved by OFF. All ingredients tracable and documented, and all GMO- free ingredients provided with records of authenticity.

Marriages Quail Layers Micro-Pellets 7.5kg

Balanced vitamins and minerals for optimum health. Helping quail lay larger eggs for longer.

Marriages Farmyard Layers Pellets GM Free 20kg

These layers pellets are GM Free contains has no chemical pigments.