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Norah's range of foods and treats are 100% natural and nutritious and designed specifically for small animals. They are made in the UK, with wholesome ingredients, and no added colours or flavours.

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Norah's Rabbit Food 2kg

Treat your rabbit to the very best with Norah’s tasty nuggets, a 100% natural, nutritionally balanced diet for rabbits of all lifestages. Made in the UK, with wholesome ingredients, and no added colours or flavours. Norah’s nuggets are all the same size and shape, known as mono-component, to ensure they get a balanced diet in every bite. This helps to reduce selective feeding that can occur with a mixed muesli style diet and ensures that your bunny gets all the nutrients they need for a happy and healthy life.

Norah's Fruit & Berry Mix 80g

There is nothing more rewarding than watching your furry best friend enjoy a natural and healthy treat! Norahs Fruit and Berry Mix is the ideal tempting treat choice for your small pet. This delicious bag of goodness is made from a mix of fruit including banana, apricot, cranberries and papaya. Not only will these treats help stimulate your small animals taste buds but the mix of fruit also has potent health benefits, being packed with vitamins, fibre and antioxidants. These tasty treats can be used on their own or scattered/hidden to encourage natural foraging behaviour Truly a fantastic addition to any small animals’ diet, and a treat they are sure to adore!