Big Sale Weekend - 6th & 7th October 2018


We look forward to welcoming you to our store on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th October!

Doors will open from 7.30am on Saturday morning - the first hour is for horseboxes and lorries only who are buying bulk items of feed and bedding - this is to try to alleviate traffic in the carpark. We will close at 5.30pm as normal. 

On Sunday we will be open from 9am and will close at 2pm - this last hour, from 1-2pm is again for horseboxes and lorries to load bulky items. 

Please see a list of offers and deals available on the day.. more will be added as the week goes on. 

15% off TopSpec
15% off Equerry
10% off Haylage 
10% off Shavings 
10% off Rubber Matting
10% off Allen and Page 
10% off Dodson & Horrell
10% off Horslyx
10% off Dengie 
10% off Thunderbrook
10% off Pure Feeds 
10% off Champion Hats
10% off Global Herbs
10% off Animalife
10% off NAF plus rep in store
10% off Equine America
10% off Racesafe Provent 3.0
10% off Titanium Ti22 Body Protectors
10% off Airowear Body Protectors
10% off Nettex plus goody bag when you spend over £30
10% off Easypack products - pet straw, pet hay, compressed hay
£1 off Honeychop
£2 off Spillers Happy Hoof and Happy Hoof Molasses Free
Tub Trug Stone 26L – Buy 2 for £3
Tyre Skip Feeder £4.99 or buy 2 for £9

30% off Company of Animals
20% off Different Dog
20% off Seven 
20% off Fleischeslust 
20% off Lily's Kitchen
20% off Burgess (Excluding Paul O’Grady)
20% off James Wellbeloved
20% off Symply/Canagan
20% off Skinners 
20% off Nutro Wild
20% off Natures Menu 
20% off True Instinct
20% off Nutriment 
20% off Natural Instinct 
20% off Benyfit Natural 
15% off VetSpec
15% off Farmfoods
15% off GorPets
15% off Arden Grange 
15% off Burns 
10% off Acana and Orijen 
10% off Chudleys
10% off Fish4Dogs
10% off Flexi Leads
Forthglade 12 Multi Packs - £9.95
Markies 500g £1

20% off Burgess 
20% off Symply/Canagan
20% off Natures Menu
20% off Nutriment
20% off Natural Instinct
20% off James Wellbeloved 
10% off Cat Litter
10% off Fish4Cats
10% off Royal Canin 
10% off Acana and Orijen 
2 x Whiskas 40 packs £15
Felix As Good as it Looks 40 pack £8.95

Small Animal
20% off All Burgess Small Animal including: 
Excel Long Stem Feeding Hay
Excel Rabbit Oregano
Excel Guinea Oregano
Excel Herbage Chamomile
Excel Small Animal Herb Snack
Excel Country Value Fruity Rabbit
Herbage Dandelion & Marigold
Excel Country Garden Herbs
Excel Ferret
Excel Chinchilla 
10% off Easypack products - pet straw, pet hay, compressed hay

​15% off ALL Wild Bird Food including.. 
Sunflower Hearts, Peanuts, Suet, Fatballs
15% off ALL feeders, drinkers, bird stands and tables
15% off ALL Colonels domestic bird Food - Parakeet, Budgie, Canary, Finch and more
15% off ALL Gem Pigeon Corn
Heygates Layers Pellets £5.99 for a 20kg bag

20% off Sticky Baits
10% off ALL other Fishing Bait including: particles,
ground baits, hook baits, liquids and pellets

Home and Garden
Smokeless Brazier Coal £8.95 per bag or buy 5 for £40
Traditional House Coal £6.70 per bag or buy 5 for £30
Kindling £2.99 each or buy 2 bags for £5
Heat Logs back in stock - £3.99
Cambark £4.99 for a 60L bag
Growbags Buy 2 for £3