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Pollyanna Pickering Hardcover Notebook A5 Horse

Hardcover notebook featuring designs from the Pollyanna Pickering stationery range.

Thelwell Wiro Wall 2021 Calendar

Enjoy a year of fantastic, fun illustrations from the artist Norman Thelwell. The Thelwell 2021 calendar is full of his timeless horsey humour.

Flat Coated Retriever 2021 Wall Calendar

Described as the 'Peter Pan' of the dog world, the Flat Coated Retrievers mature more slowly than other dogs, meaning they retain their sense of puppy-like enthusiasm until well into adulthood! This joyous and fun-loving attitude is perfectly captured in the Flat Coated Retriever Calendar for 2021, which perfectly captures this elegant and playful dog's love of life.

French Bulldog 2021 Wall Calendar

The French Bulldog is beloved all over the world for his small muscular frame, expressive face and cute bat-like ears! The French Bulldog calendar for 2021 is filled with adorable images of this super sociable and affectionate dog, that loves nothing more than being around other people and dogs. If you love Frenchies, then this is the perfect calendar for you!

Dalmatian 2021 Wall Calendar

Known for their self-assured personality and unique black-and-white spotted coat, the Dalmatian is one of the most elegant dogs around, and now you can celebrate this wonderful breed throughout the year with the Dalmatian Calendar for 2021! The collection of amazing photographs inside this calendar perfectly show off the gloriously playful nature of this sleek and athletic breed and will have you smiling all year long.

Donkeys 2021 Wall Calendar

Known for their stubborn, yet loyal, natures, Donkeys have won the hearts of all those who give them a chance! Graze your way through the year ahead alongside these companionate mules with this calendar for 2021 and discover a new gorgeous donkey photograph each and every month.

English Springer Spaniel 2021 Wall Calendar

The English Springer Spaniel is renowned for being highly intelligent and fiercely loyal, making it the perfect companion for active families who love spending time outdoors. The English Springer Spaniel Calendar for 2021 is packed full of beautiful images to see you through the year and get you well acquainted with this happy and humorous breed's amazing personality.

Alaskan Malamute 2021 Wall Calendar

Spend the year with the regal and striking breed that is the Alaskan Malamute! The playful and highly intelligent personality of these gorgeous dogs is immediately apparent in the Alaskan Malamute Calendar for 2021, which features a stunning collection of photographs that will keep you smiling all year round. Although pretty powerful and athletic, Malamutes are also incredibly friendly and loving, easily making them well-known as the "teddy bears" amongst all other dog breeds!

Beagle 2021 Wall Calendar

The Beagle Calendar for 2021 features fantastic monthly photographs of this beloved British breed! Beagles are known as affectionate, gentle and playful dogs that enjoy the company of other dogs and people, making them the ideal family companions. Show your love for this remarkable breed of dog with this wonderful collection of photographs and raise a smile every time you flip the page to a new month!

Rhodesian Ridgeback 2021 Wall Calendar

The incredible Rhodesian Ridgeback was originally bred to chase big game prey! The breed's name comes from the distinctive ridge that runs along his spine, and he is a dignified and strong animal, who is incredibly loyal towards his people. The Rhodesian Ridgeback Calendar for 2021 is filled with glorious images of this noble dog that will delight Ridgeback owners and fans alike.

Pawsome Days 2021 Family Wall Planner

What could be more 'Pawsome' than this comical family planner for 2021? This wall calendar is perfect for dogs and their humans to organise the year ahead. Filled with fun illustrations by Katie Abey and 5 columns including one for dogs, your dog will never forget an im-paw-tant date again!

Horses Egmt A5 2021 Diary

Horses are often described as the noblest of creatures, and it's easy to see why! Horses have been domesticated for over 5000 years with the horse population in Britain estimated to be around 847,000. For all horse lovers out there, this is the only way to stay organised for 2021. The Horses A5 Diary features a beautiful image each week, with a collection of various breeds to enjoy, and a handy week-to-view layout. This spiral-bound diary is ideal for lovers of all things equestrian.