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Pedigree Denta Puppy Tubos 3 Pack

The complimentary calcium rich Pedigree Puppy Dentatubos are a yummy chewing focus which has a more satisfying taste than your dining room chair or shoes. The unique shape and texture the chew is designed especially for the young teeth and gums which can be damaged by tougher chews designed for adult dogs. The dentatubos also helps your puppy focus their chewing frustrations as well as being a delicious way to reward training and good behaviour.

Pedigree Dentafresh Medium 28 Pack

DentaStix Fresh has an original X shape and, if it is fed daily, the combination of its unique texture and active ingredients, is proven to help reduce tartar by up to 80%. It also contains a active ingredient blend of Green Tea Extract and Eucalyptus Oil, which aid fresh breath in dogs.

Pedigree Dentastix Medium 56 Pack

For dogs to lead a healthy and contented life for as long as possible, they need to have healthy teeth & gums. Pedigree Daily DentaStix are tasty chews especially developed with Waltham vets to keep your dogs teeth and gums strong and healthy throughout his life. When fed ever day, it is clinically proven that the unique shape and texture of Daily DentaStix can reduce plaque and tartar build up by up to 80%. Pedigree Daily Dentastix, You clean your teeth every day

Pedigree Gravy Bones Original 10kg

Pedigree Gravy Bones are baked dog treats with a delicious meaty coating. The bone shaped dog biscuits will make a yummy reward between meal times or a training treat for training sessions. The healthy extras come in form of added vitamins and calcium. Key features: Crunchy dog biscuits in bone shape With tasty meat coating Omega 3, vitamins A, D3, E and calcium as added benefits No added sugar or artificial colours

Pedigree Gravy Cans 12 x 400g

100% complete Vitality Developed with our vets No added sugar No artificial colours or flavours

Pedigree Jumbone Beef Mini

Designed to be a robust treat for dogs with big appetites. Designed to last longer an easily digestible and non-splintering bone (safer than real bones). Made from a nutritious rice fibre outer with marrowbone filling tastier than rawhide bones. Ingredients: Cereals Various sugars Minerals Derivatives of vegetable origin Meat and animal derivatives (min. 4% beef). Analysis: Protein 6% Oil 1.5% Ash 6% Fibre 3% Moisture 15% Calcium 0.5% Omega 3 400mg/kg Vit A 2500iu/kg Vit E 30mg/kg Iron sulphate 15mg/kg

Pedigree Jumbone Chicken Mini

The Pedigree Jumbone Chicken Adult Dog Treat features two delicious mouth-watering layers to give your dog a real chewing challenge that'll keep them occupied for longer than a standard treat. Full of nutritional goodness the Jumbone is jam packed with vitamins and minerals which support the health, growth and development of your dog. Making food which is as good on the outside as it is on the inside the Pedigree dog treats lets your dog’s personality shine.

Pedigree Markies Marrowbone Mini 12.5kg

Make your dog's day every day with Pedigree Markies, the deliciously meaty treat with a texture dogs love. These mini markies are a delicious combination of enjoyable crunchy biscuit with a great meaty centre. They contain Omega 3 to help keep them fit for life, Calcium to help give then strong teeth & bones and Vitamins & Minerals to help maintain their natural defences.

Pedigree Markies Marrowbone Original 12.5kg

Dogs love to play - Markies treats are crunchy dog biscuits filled with a tasty centre dogs adore. They're great to roll, throw and catch, which makes for delicious and fun playtimes. Markies treats have added Omega 3, vitamins and minerals, and contain no artificial colours or flavours, so you can feel good about it too! By living life to the full, dogs help us enjoy the simple joys of everyday life. The treats we feed our pets, as a reward, to bond, train or just play, are the little ways we celebrate the joy they bring to us. With the help of nutritionists and vets at Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition, Pedigree has created a varied range of tasty dog treats that come in all shapes, sizes and textures. All to keep dogs exuberant, the way we love them.

Pedigree Mixer Original 10kg

Contains essential fatty acids, known to contribute to a healthy skin and shiny coat Contains whole-wheat as a source of complex carbohydrates for slow release energy throughout the day Help support healthy teeth and gums Help support a strong immune system Pedigree vital protection helps keep your dog healthy and full of vitality

Pedigree Mixer Original Small Bite 1.5kg

Ingredients: Cereals (including 4% Wholegrain Wheat),Meat and Animal Derivatives,Derivatives of Vegetable Origin,Oils and Fats (including 0.2% Sunflower Oil),MineralsAnalytical constituents (%): Protein: 17, Fat content: 6.5, Inorganic matter: 7, Crude fibres: 2, Additives: per kg:, Antioxidant: , Nutritional additives: , Vitamin A: 12921 IU, Vitamin D3: 1425 IU, Vitamin E: 150 mg, Cupric sulphate pentahydrate: 18 mg, Manganous sulphate monohydrate: 93.8 mg, Potassium iodide: 1.5 mg, Sodium selenite: 0.54 mg, Zinc sulphate monohydrate: 250 mg Daily Feeding Recommendation: Body Weight: 5kg: Dry Food + Can* 55g / + 75g. Body Weight: 10kg: Dry Food + Can* 105 g / + 1/2. Body Weight: 20kg: Dry Food + Can* 160 g / + 1. Body Weight: 30kg: Dry Food + Can* 200 g / + 1 1/2. Body Weight: 40kg: Dry Food + Can* 235 g / + 2. Body Weight: 50kg: Dry Food + Can* 265 g / + 2 1/2. *100g. Allow a transition phase when switching diet and adjust amounts according to your pet's needs. For overweight dogs reduce daily amount. Fresh water should always be available. Tip: A half print mug holds approximately 100g. 1 Fill a bowl with the correct amount of wet food for your dog's weight. 2 Add the correct weight of Pedigree Small Bite Mixer. Tip: Why not use an empty Pedigree can. 3 Mix well. Always provide a bowl of fresh water. 344 kcal/100 g

Pedigree Rodeo Chicken 7 Pack

Dogs love to discover - with Rodeo they will find tasty twists of flavour with a deliciously chewy texture. Pedigree Rodeo Chicken are the tastiest treats that your dogs will love.