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Peregrine Pre Pack Live Mealworms

Mealworms are an excellent food for both pet reptiles and insect eating garden birds, and in fact despite being a treat they are a clean and a relatively inexpensive livefood which are juicy and rich in protein. Very popular live food for insect eating Garden Birds and various Lizards including bearded dragons, Leopard Geckos, Frogs and Water dragons. By choosing to feed your reptile livefoods such as these mealworms you will be promoting a natural hunting, stalking and waiting behaviour from your reptile which keeps him/her active and occupied and is more what they would be accustomed to in the wild.

Peregrine Frozen Chicks Single

Frozen chicks are a great source of nutrition for growing reptiles, especially snakes, with high levels of protein and calcium in the bones that allow healthy development.

Peregrine ZM Repti Calcium With D3 85g

Zoo Med Repti Calcium is a fanatastic calcium supplement suitable for reptiles and amphibians. Superior to cheaper alternatives, the unique shape and high surface area ensure a high calcium bioavailability. Free of phosphorus and harmful impurities (not from oyster shells), Zoo Med's Repti Calcium is available in a range of sizes and with or without vitamin D3 (without for animals exposed to UV lighting, with for species that are not such as geckos).