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Rokers Lohmann Hen

Our Lohmann hens are also known as: Warren / Gingernut Ranger / ISA Brown / Brown Ranger / Brown Nik / Ginger Spice / Goldline. These girls have a very inquisitive nature and will certainly keep you entertained with their antics. They are ideal hens for first time chicken keepers, especially families with young children, as they are very friendly and easy to tame. A Lohmann will quite happily eat from your hand once she gets to know you! They have pretty brown/red feathers with white under-feathers and tails. These girls have a traditional “farmyard chicken” look about them. They are very similar in nature and appearance to the Blacktail hens. Lohmann hybrids are one of our most prolific layers and will provide you with approximately 320-340 fabulous large brown eggs per year.

Fancy Feeds Mixed Corn 20kg

Clean and dust free mixed corn which contains locally sourced British wheat Mixed Corn is an appetising blend of English wheat and cut maize which can be fed to all kinds of poultry, waterfowl and bantams to complement a fully balanced diet of pellets or mash. Ideally fed as a treat in the afternoon, helping maintain body temperature which is particularly beneficial during the winter months. Can be scattered on the floor of the pen to help satisfy the birds' instinct to scratch and peck.

Fancy Feeds Layers Pellets 20kg

Ideal for free-ranging and penned birds alike, Layers' Pellets are formulated to provide a complete balanced diet for all types of adult and laying poultry, ducks, geese and bantams.

Nettex Total Mite Kill Solution 750ml

Highly effective insecticide and multipurpose disinfectant cleaner for chicken housing. Net-tex Total Mite Kill (750ml) has the same ingredients as the concentrate but is formulated so you can put it to use instantly and easily. The trigger spray makes it easy to apply and the dual action of rapid knockdown insecticide, combined with a multi purpose cleaner makes this a favourite with hobby breeders. Please read and follow the instructions on the bottle before use. - Kills mites red mite fleas lice and other flying and crawling insects - Cleans and disinfects your chicken coop and animal housing - Kills bacteria virus yeast algae and fungi - Oily base penetrates deep in to cracks crevices and corners which parasites commonly use as harbourages - Contains excellent residuality on all common surfaces

Supreme Poultry Corn 20kg

An appetising blend of wheat and cut maize, to be fed as a complement to a fully balanced ration to all kinds of poultry, waterfowl and bantams.

Barrier Red Mite Powder 500g

Suitable for organic farming systems, this kind and gentle powder is designed to be applied directly to all birds and poultry as a deterrent to infestation or to rectify an existing problem.

Fancy Feeds Growers Pellets 20kg

Formulated for a complete balanced diet. Suitable for all types of growing poultry , ducklings and goslings. Fed from 6-8 weeks of age to 18-21 weeks. Fully balanced vitamins and minerals. Non GM Ingredients & Medication Free.

Heygates Mixed Poultry Grit 25kg

Since poultry have no teeth they have evolved to peck grit which helps to grind their food in the gizzard. Flint grit should always be available (in a separate container to the feed) so the birds can help themselves.

Fancy Feeds Chick Crumb 5kg

Uniquely formulated to provide a complete, balanced diet for all types of poultry chicks, ducklings and goslings

Marriages Farmyard Layers Pellets GM Free 20kg

These layers pellets are GM Free contains has no chemical pigments.

Fancy Feeds Growers Pellets 5kg

Specially formulated to provide a complete balanced diet for all types of growing poultry, ducklings and goslings. Fed from 6 – 8 weeks of age to 18 – 21 weeks. Quality protein provides essential amino acids to support rapid muscle, tissue and skeletal development as the bird grows. Highly digestible cooked wheat helps meet the increased energy requirements of the growing bird. Fully balanced with vitamins and minerals, including Sel-Plex® organic selenium, to support growth and tissue integrity, as well as the immune system. With Bio-Mos® natural prebiotic, for a healthy gut, and betaine to reduce the risk of dehydration. Contains an organic acidifier to reduce the risk of bacterial or fungal infection from the feed itself and so further benefit gut health. Medication free and can be fed right the way through to those birds being reared for the table. Non-GM ingredients Small pellet size   Feeding Recommendations Fancy Feed Grower Pellets can be fed from 6 to 8 weeks of age. To help ensure birds receive a balanced diet, Grower Pellets are best fed ad lib and not mixed with additional grain or mixed corn. From the age of 18 to 21 weeks, birds can be fed Fancy Feed Layers’ Pellets. Birds should have access to a source of insoluble grit at all times to aid digestion.

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