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Feeders & Water Holders

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Horizont Chick Drinker Plastic 1.5l

The Plastic Poultry Drinker 1.5L is an easy maintenance and high quality drinker which can easily be refilled.

Horizont Chick Drinker Plastic 3l

Description chicken poultry drinker with bayonet cap (3 litres) This should not be missing from any chicken coop: the hanging poultry drinker with bayonet cap.

Horizont Galvanised Poultry Feeder 20kg

Poultry Galvanised Feeder 20kg, with three different heights to regulate output of feed. Size: 20kg

Horizont Poultry Feeder 5kg

Holds approxamently 5kg of food. Hygienic and easy to clean. Can be also hung. Comes with plastic lid . Deep feed base with fluted edges. Helps to reduce wastage

Horizont Poultry Feeder Ascot 3kg

The Ascot is a feeder design that has been built to suit all chicken keepers, it covers every aspect of poultry keeping being adaptable for use with free range birds as well as birds that are kept in a confined environment. This Ascot feeder will hold 2.5Kg of feed for Poultry and Game birds an outdoor feeder with rain hat to prevent feed contamination, the feed tube has fins to prevent waste. The Ascot feeder can be hung indoors or placed on the floor where you can raise it up out of the litter with 7.5cm standard feet. This feeder will suit every chicken keepers requirements and is compact enough for even the smallest coops where size is important when space is limited.

Stockshop Galvanised Chicken Trough 45cm

Manufactured from galvanised sheet

Feathers & Beaky Peck It Treat Dispenser

This lovely new Peck-It Treat Dispenser from Feathers & Beaky has just arrived! It is as beautifully designed as the other products in the Feathers & Beaky range. Simply fill it with treats or corn and when your hens peck at it, a few will fall out. It'll keep them amused for ages... It is a robust and stylish treat dispenser that will keep your chickens busy

Eltex Torbay and Alday Trough 18x5"

The Eltex Galvanised Trough is built from heavy gauge sheet steel which is then galvanised after manufacture making it both rot and rust proof. This trough is suitable for use with poultry, pigeons or ducks either as a feeder or drinker. The sides of the trough are flanged inwards to help prevent wastage, whilst the ends of the trough are flanged outwards for easy cleaning. These galvanised troughs are solid, high quality products that will give you years of reliable service.

Agrihealth Poultry Chick Drinker New Chicks 12L

Poultry Drinker for Chicks 12L

Agrihealth Poultry Eco Drinker 1.5L

Poultry Drinker Eco 1.5L

Agrihealth Poultry Chick Drinker New Chicks 5L

Poultry Drinker for Chicks 5L